Mariposa Sa Hawla Ng Gabi in South Korea!

(photo credit to instagram: @erichgg / @seekingmaria)
In my utmost dedication to promote an extraordinary film, proudly made here in the Philippines, I am now promoting once again, MARIPOSA SA HAWLA NG GABI (Mariposa In the Cage of the Night) as it continuously make waves in international films scene. A masterpiece by one of the most brilliant filmmaker of our country, Direk Richard V. Somes, the film has been invited to grace the 17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea, starting this July 18-28, 2013!

It was announced over the film's lead actress Ms. Erich Gonzales' Instagram account where I quote: ""From Udine Italy, next stop: South Korea. Mariposa In the Cage of the Night is invited to the 17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival this July in South Korea. Thank you and congratulations to the team! ‎#PiFan"
From Italy, to South Korea, to the rest of the world! My sincerest congratulations to Strawdogs Studio Productions for another achievement in line with this bravely creative movie! To all the cast members: Alfred Vargas, Mark Gil, Joel Torre, Ma. Isabel Lopez, John Lapus, Dennis Padilla, Rez Cortez, Odette Khan, Vangie Labalan, Mon Confiado, Ermie Concepcion, Alex Vincent Medina, Levi Ignacio. To direk Somes and his crew. And to the one and the only Ms. Erich Gonzales. A true remarkable actress, simply the best and one of the most versatile artist of the Philippines! I am mighty proud that you slowly spread your wings to the international scene with a unique movie like this. One exceptional, beyond compare and unparalleled greatness within you as an artist made you fit for the lead role of Maya in this intriguing dark PSYCHO-ACTION THRILLER, originally an official entry to Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2012.
Curious about Mariposa Sa Hawla Ng Gabi? You can read my movie review here:

To all the dearest people of South Korea who can catch the screening of this film, please do spread the word on how mind-boggling and heart-stopping the film is! Much respect!

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  1. Congratz miss erich g and goodluck!you deserved it .more more remarkable come GBU.

    A big thanks to you miss mightymau.God richly bless you too.

  2. Congrats to #TeamMariposaSaHawlaNgGabi you deserve this dahil pinaghirapan nyo tong movie na to :)
    @MsMightyMau, Thanks for tbe love and support to Erich :)

  3. Congrtas !!!! to the team that made this Indie movie possible and to Erich who gave justice to the role of Maya another feather in your cap . Keep up the good work and we are proud of you and to Mr. Somes .

  4. we heard about them when they were in Udine... we were supposed to go, unfortunately because of work.. we got no chance of going there.. But still were proud that there's this Indie Film from the Philippines has this opportunity to be part of this, and this time in South Korea..... Our good luck to the whole team of MARIPOSA...To our Erich Gonzales and his Director and the Casts.. Good luck.. thank you msmightymau..