Got To Believe in Kathniel's Magic!

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The hailed TEEN King and Queen, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, continues to reign supreme.  The “most talked about” and the “most in-demand” love team of this generation still makes everyone fall in love with their unparalleled chemistry. A tandem which started from the teen show Growing Up, passed along the Primetime fairytale Princess and I, up to the big screen with 24/7 In Love, the highest-grossing film Sisterakas and their loveteam’s launching film Must Be…Love! Not only that, we all can see how both Kathryn and Daniel got tons of product endorsements left and right. Either together or as individuals, they are two of the most successful teen stars we have in the industry.

Now, there is no stopping them from reigning, Kathryn and Daniel a.k.a KathNiel will be back with their grand return on TV with the “most romantic series of 2013” entitled Got To Believe! Directed by one of the best, TV and movie director… Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina. They will let us all believe in the magic of love…
Let’s all meet Chichay Tampipi and Joaquin Manansala… the newest characters in Primetime TV that will take us to the love zone. Pretty sure we will love them as we all loved Mikay and Gino of Princess and I!
Kathryn described her role, “Chichay is a very free-spirited girl, very cheerful, easy-go-lucky, parang palagi mo lang syang makikitang masayang tao at magaling syang mag-paint.” Chichay is the simple, bubbly girl who grew up in a Carnival. She may live with a poor family but she has a very positive overview of life. She also believes in magic since she was a kid. On the other hand, Daniel said, “Ako po si Joaquin, pwede ding tawaging ‘Joaqui’, ako syempre… may bala sa ulo… mahilig syang magbasketball kaso hindi sya pinapayagan ni ermats, kontrolado yung mundo nya. Siguro naging dead kid na din sya.” Daniel’s character Joaquin is the spoiled, rich kid type. He gets whatever he wants and needs, but in return he was overprotected by his mom due to his delicate condition. The two are childhood friends separated by an incident, soon to find fate intertwining their lives again… An interesting and new story of romance! What will happen when Ms. Positive meets Mr. Negative?
Also part of the new series, are Manilyn Reynes , Benjie Paras, Ian Veneracion and Carmina Villaroel.
Both Kath and Dj agrees that they have a very fun working environment now. From the casts to the staff, they admit that they do enjoy working on this project. It is light and easy-going. Direk Cathy already worked with Kathryn before when she was still a cute little child star in the TV series Mangarap Ka, but it is the very first time she will work with Daniel, and as she was warned of, “Naku direk…makulit yun…” Direk Cathy agreed, “Makulit nga! Pero masayang makulit, he listens, he explores.” Direk Cathy said that she was able to witness how Daniel and Kathryn can be crowd-drawers. She even witnessed a kid crying just to see Daniel. Direk Cathy noticed that KathNiel is inseparable ever since she met the two teen stars for the very first time, “I always see them together… They live in a bubble, there’s just the two of them. Maganda naman for their tandem, wag lang magaaway sana.” (laughs)
When both Kath and Daniel were asked if they do believe in magic, Kath said, “Siguro naniniwala din po ako, especially sa magic of love na sinasabi nila… na…basta… magugulat ka na lang na it can change everything na parang magic na lang talaga..” Daniel answered, “Ako naman po yung magic siguro yung nangyayari ho ngayon sakin… hindi lang po sa lovelife, kundi sa family, sa mga supporters ho at sa lahat po ng nagmamahal sakin… kumbaga parang magical po yung nangyayari sakin ngayon… parang fairytale…” One thing is for sure, these two casts a magic spell of kilig to all of their viewers, every time. Their tandem is receiving massive support from different fandom across the land. Truly magical, anything and everything they do they are able to make their fans really happy.
Since they have been together in almost every remarkable projects they came across, Kathryn and Daniel has been openly showing how they truly care for each other, more than just co-artists, more than just friends… they have already admitted that they are under a mutual understanding (MU) stage, right now. Still too young to get serious for love, but it reflects how they are truly special for each other. Daniel has been very vocal and his clear action shows how he feels for his young leading lady. Kath said, “Kinikilig naman po talaga ako pag kasama ko si Dj. And parang mas naiinspire ka talaga magtrabaho, basta parang andyan yung presence ni Dj… Isa po sya sa nagpapabaligtad ng mundo ko… aside from sa mga fans at sa family ko.. si Dj talaga” Daniel answered back, “Isa ho si Kathryn syempre, alam nyo na ho yan eh.. kunwari may interview sakin, sampung tanong, yung otso po dun tungkol kay Kathryn eh. Lagi naman hong ganun, kaya alam naman talaga natin na si Kathryn ay espesyal sakin.” Magical as it is, KathNiel’s genuine sweetness carries over on-screen and off-screen. Daniel even said that they don’t need to set aside their personal feelings at work, “Ok naman ho, kasi hindi naman kailangan tanggalin, kasi yun nga ang magic nun, yung personal feelings… pag wala nun, wala na.. magpa-plastikan na lang tayo dito di ba? Pero kung yun yung ginagamit mo, personal feelings, e di ok tayong lahat. Masaya tayong lahat.” They are not conscious on how they move or act in front of the camera or the crowd, it comes out naturally from them.
The young Teen King admits that he still needs to improve himself to make their growing relationship better, “Ako sa oras po, kasi minsan nale-late po ako… Ako po yung tumatawag, kaso hindi na po nya sinasagot kasi galit na sya. (laughs) So magmamadali na ho ako nun.” Kath agreed, “Sa time po talaga, inamin naman nya… Ako kasi talaga yung taong ayokong nag-iintay… Kaya tuwing nalelate sya, super talagang minsan nag-aaway kami dahil dun, pero nag-iimprove na sya ngayon.” So even the royalties of primetime TV are fighting too… And if you are curious on how are they like when they are not in good terms or mood… Kath stated, “Tahimik lang. Ganun din sya kapag galit sya, tahimik lang kami… So mararamdaman or makikita yun.” So, they are also into silent wars.. hahaha!
When asked on what he admires best about Daniel, Kathryn quickly answered, “Ina-admire ko yung pagiging responsible po ni DJ, hindi lang po sakin, pero nararamdaman ko din sa lahat po ng taong nakakatrabaho nya or kahit yung mga staff namin, makikita mo talaga sa kanya na super maalaga sya sa kahit sino..” Kathryn added, “ Para syang tatay eh… in a good way… yung pagsasabihan ka nya, yung kung ano yung ginawa mo, kung maganda ba yun o hindi, yung sa suot mo.. yung sa lahat ng bagay na, alam ko naman na ginagawa nya yun for me, bihirang lalaki lang naman talaga yung hindi nambobola.. totoong tao talaga si Dj at yun yung isa sa ina-admire ko sa kanya.” Daniel admits that, being one of the Padilla clan, he is expected to be a gentleman, not knowing that he is also protective of Kath in a real good way. Daniel stated that he is really “father like” in their relationship, strict but sweet. He stated that Kathryn should be also mindful on her actions and her decisions in life. He said,“Sa paggagawa ng desisyon sa sarili nya, at sa pagiging mas mature pa lalo.. Basta yung sa realidad po ng buhay.. maging open na ho yung utak nya sa lahat ng nangyayari…” This clearly shows how Daniel really cares for Kathryn.
Daniel admitted that they start day before work by sending text messages to each other in the morning and ends it with a text at night too. Daniel also playfully said that he always makes “beso” to Kath… “Hindi po pwedeng mawala yun.. yun na yung reward..” (laughs) Kath also stated, “Pagkatapos ng work po, usually nga ihahatid nya ako, pag tapos na… hatid lang pauwi.” They are overflowing with sweetness!
Unbeatable and unstoppable as they are, both Daniel and Kathryn admits that they owe this to the unwavering support that they are getting from all of their supporters! It is somehow unbelievable how these two stars can easily dominate the World Wide Web in all social networking sites! `Getting tons of likes on YouTube and Facebook, always a trending topic on Facebook, they even dominate some online polls from different websites. Adding this upcoming TV series Got To Believe on their track, surely KathNiel will be one of the most bankable love team, next to the John Lloyd-Bea and KimErald just to site as examples who took the nation by storm! Daniel said that they are always doing everything for their fans, to give back from all the support; they are working hard to always give them the entertainment that they deserve.
Kathryn Bernardo is one of the sweetest faces in our showbiz industry. We have all seen her bloom into a fine young lady she is today. I really find her smart and sophisticated. She has always been the “good-one” and always suited for “bida” roles. For me honestly, Kath gets prettier and prettier every time I get to see her!
Daniel Padilla is a fresh newcomer in showbiz but had a great back-up because as mentioned he is from the Padilla bloodline, needless to say, being talented runs through his blood. Admirably, he is also a musician, he plays the bass guitar in his band and now, and he is also a certified recording and concert artist! He filled-up the whole Smart Araneta Coliseum for his birthday concert last April in no sweat! A heartthrob in his own rights, he makes all fangirls scream their hearts out in all of his shows.
Another great thing for both Kath and Dj is how they value their families. They share an open relationship with their family, who extremely supports their careers in every step of the way. They are working for their family; they are truly commendable for being family oriented. Kath and Dj keeps in mind how they are role models of the youth. Kathryn even shared that she got a very special gift from a fan all the way from Cebu, it was a school medal. The fan sent her the medal stating that Kathryn has been his/her inspiration in studying real hard and to attain good grades in school. On top of the pakilig, they really try their best to inspire and touch the lives of youths who admires and idolizes them. They are very natural and transparent. KathNiel is deserving of the title Teen King and Queen.
Kathryn and Daniel sets aside pressure. As I have observed it seems like they are enjoying what they have while they have it. They are not pushing their careers; instead they are riding with the flow. They do not rush things between their personal relationship and love life because it will definitely come in the right time. They are not faking it, they rather keep it real.
On the big screen side, there is an update that both Kathryn and Daniel will also star in a horror film soon with the working title: Pagpag. A different KathNiel will unveil in Pagpag, for sure! All is excited on what is next up for their flourishing and ground-breaking careers. As of now, we got to believe in the KathNiel magic soon on TV, let them make us feel the magic of young love.  Got To Believe only on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida, in celebration of their 60 years in Philippine Television. Please do continue to support the royalties, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo and Teen King Daniel Padilla.

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