Coca-Cola + Erich Gonzales = Happiness!

One of the leading beverage brand here in the Philippines, Coca-Cola released a newest TVC campaign in Davao that features one of the finest, admirable, exceptional, striking, and top-notch actress of our generation... no other than... Ms. Erich Gonzales!

Being Davao's pride, winning as the Grand Questor of Star Circle Quest batch 2 representing her hometown, the new TVC showcased how some great things in life remains the same through the years.. with the tag line: "Walay kaparehas sa Coca-Cola..."
I love the ad! Seeing her doing a TVC on her native tongue is something fresh. Erich implied that despite her success as an artist, still, nothing compares being back to her hometown and how simple joys in life should be valued. There are also other versions of the TVC campaign from different people on how nothing compares with Coca-Cola.
Congratulations to Ms. Erich Gonzales on being one of Coke's most effective endorser, cheers for more to come! Coca-Cola has truly been one loved beverage by many Filipinos, and Erich has always been one of the most sought-after actress in our country.. Coca-Cola + Erich = HAPPINESS! :)

*some photos are from Erich G's FB Page.

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  1. Thank you for this MsMightyMau :) Proud Erich fan! :)

  2. yes... thumbs up...for erich.....:)