Breadtalk opened in SM Aura, launched some of their Gen 4 breads!

My most recent cravings brought us back to the bread store close to my heart, Breadtalk!
They have recently opened their newest spot in SM Aura Premier with Toast Box! And I am extremely happy to be a part of their opening, and their launching of some of their newest bread variants.. Breadtalk's Gen 4 breads! Healthy and yummy breads for all!

The event also showcased an enormous Flosss! Woah! I can have this and only this for an entire week's meal! I am truly in love with Flosss.. It is indeed a favorite! Their new store's opening event held a store blessing and ribbon cutting ceremonies.. until it was made official! The Breadtalk SM Aura is now open!
Then they introduced their new breed of breads, the Gen 4. They inclined to creating healthier bread choices for all the customers to choose from. From a healthy baguette version up to an innovation of charcoal baked breads.. they got it..
Their new bread variants are not yet finalized, they are still creating and innovating new ideas for breads and aiming to improve what they already got. And that is what I truly appreciate in Breadtalk, their managing director Mr. Winward Chu talked to us, about how they would love to take our feedback about their Gen 4 breads, they gave us samples and let us taste each and every bread they have and allowed us to voice-out our comments.. I will share to you my top 3 favorites among all the breads we tasted from their Gen 4 variants... 
#3: Yaya Eggtart
-It was served to us, freshly made.. still hot and it smelled so good! Oh, of course it tastes real good too! Probably my best Eggtart experience so far! It has the sweet taste that melts and remains in your mouth.. Well, we were told it is really best to eat it while it's hot.. So good!
#2: Sayang Sardine
-I was actually looking for a bread variant that features Tuna, because I am a fan of Tuna sandwhiches, however so far, what I commonly see as bread variants are with chicken, ham, bacon, sausage and the likes. So, when Sayang Sardine was served, I am overjoyed! Well, it is not Tuna, but Sardine will do! Adding on top of that, I was not disappointed with it's taste.. remarkable!
#1: K-Pop Chicken (Claypot Chicken)
-Alright, this one has a weird name, a weird look and a weird taste but is a sure-fire winner! This is one of Breadtalk's innovation, I have never seen or tasted anything like it yet. Soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil  in a three-cup chicken, topped with fresh basil, in a bamboo charcoal infused "claypot bun". I truly loved this! No ordinary chicken in a bun, it is with a Breadtalk twist! This one is so good that it is on top of my list and I surely will recommend this as soon as it is released in Breadtalk stores! 
Of course, let us not forget our classic Breadtalk selections.. which we had a chance to take home and indulge into the goodness! Mr. Chu said, "We all know that Flosss is what Breadtalk is known for, but.. we are still after giving variety.." 

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  1. Their new bread variants are not yet finalized, they are still creating and innovating new ideas for breads and aiming to improve what they already got.

  2. I cannot see the images, maybe something wrong with them, but I reall like baking bread, I have like the facebook page, thanks

  3. I seriously take pleasure in throughout Bread talk, his or her handling representative Mr. Windward Chu discussed for you to people, precisely that they so want to get each of our opinions with regards to his or her Gen several bakery, that they presented people biological materials along with allow us to tastes just about every bakery they have got along with granted people for you to voice-out each of our responses..