With A Smile promises fun and kilig in the morning!

The newest Kapuso morning show "With A Smile" captured the hearts of tv viewers with it's fun, kilig and lightness.. The show aims to give 'smiles' to everyone watching the show everyday! It is a family-oriented/romantic comedy series that we will all surely enjoy!

The story plot revolves around "Isay" played by Andrea Torres, a promdi lady who is a cooking enthusiast. Aiming to help her family and fulfill her dreams she will find her way to the city.. Isay will be in a whirlwind love triangle with Aston played by Christian Bautista and Dean played by Mikael Daez. I am lucky because I was able to meet some of the cast of With A Smile, and believe me.. they are equally as fun in person as the show! Haha!
Shelly Hipolito is a pretty and fresh, young actress from the GMA 'artista search' Protege.. She plays the role of Sasa who is a resident of Aston's compound.. a lucky girl with 3 suitors played by Jak Roberto, Mikoy Morales and Kimpoy Feliciano.
Bryan Benedict plays the role of Elvis, the right-hand of Aston.. He said that his role in the show is a married man and he works in Aston's car wash. Bryan was also from Protege.. with good-looks and fine physique..
Mikael Daez, is one of Kapuso's lead actor! A truly 'gwapo' and intelligent man. He was originally from modeling and fashion field. Now, he says he enjoys his job and loves his career. He has been remarkable in the remake of the classic TV hit, Sana'y Ikaw Na Nga with Andrea Torres as well. He said that this time, starring with Andrea again on the same show increased the level of comfort with her, making them real good friends. He is excited about how his character Dean will be a part of Isay's life. I have seen Mikael twice in person before in Party Pilipinas, but it was the first time I witnessed him in a chit-chat session. He was so funny, witty and cool. He is also a fellow blogger so check his site: mikaeldaez.com also watch out for him in 'Midnightsnack' segment of Saksi!
Andrea Torres, on the other hand, is one of Kapuso's fresh and promising lead actress. She is definitely pretty, sweet and bubbly, perfect for her role as Isay. It was my first time to meet Andrea in person. I find her really simple and easy-going. I actually got the chance to watch With A Smile's pilot episode and I must say that she's good.. Andrea Torres has yet more to come in her career.. and I am truly looking-forward in seeing her success in the industry.
Joining the entire cast are: Vince De Jesus, Miggs Cuaderno, Rj Padilla, Soliman Cruz, Marnie Lapuz and Gilleth Sandico.
Please do watch out for With A Smile, M-F before Unexpected You only in GMA. And retain a smile in your face througout the day!

*blogcon funny moment: Mikael, caught me busy in tweeting about the blogcon and he tweeted:

Hahahaha! I'm busted! :)
I am happy to meet a celebrity who is also a social media enthusiast.. :)

*special thanks to Shelly for the cutesy notepads.. I am happy that you gave me one because I actually collect notepads :) and to Andrea for giving us a yummy cupcake treats! Both of you are too sweet! :)

*thank you to Bryan and Shelly for following me back on Twitter.. much appreciated! :)

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