My birthday blog: Jjang Kkae Korean Restaurant

Last June 15, 2013 in celebration of my 22nd birthday.. I actually went on an out-of-the-norm treat with my best friend forever, Peter! :)

I actually missed him because we are not seeing each other that much since both of us were busy for work, so I asked him to join me to watch the latest superhero movie craze in town, Man Of Steel. And so we did, after catching the film we decided to have our late lunch.

Peter is now an English teacher for Koreans so he asked me if I want to try Korean Cuisines. I actually haven't tried authentic Korean foods yet, I am fond on Chinese and Japanese but I wanted to try Korean too.. And I think it's just on the right timing since I am now actually addicted to Koreanovelas "again". I stopped watching Korean dramas since college but recently the Kdrama "I Miss You" (Missing You) got me hooked. That's why Korean food sounds good that time.. So, we literally walked around Eastwood City to search for a Korean Resto... Unfortunately, only Korean BBQ resto...  BBQ Chicken and Beer and Kogi Bulgogi are available... So we had to go elsewhere...
Good thing, Peter suggested to go near to his place for the awesome Korean experience.. rested along Kalayaan Avenue is the Jjang Kkae Restaurant. This is a somewhat hidden great Korean restaurant that is truly famous to Koreans. Once you get into the place you will already feel the authenticity of it. Now, let's go to the delicious part of it.."jal mokgetseumnida" :)
An appetizer was served, it's yellow radish and onion. Peter put a good amount of vinegar to the radish and he asked me to try and dip it to the black bean paste. It is yummy! The raw onion also has a weird sweet taste, almost of an apple but you will still taste the onion spice - really a good one!
Of course, we will talk about the food. We ordered a massive bowl of the famed hot-spicy Korean noodle: Jjampong. I love spicy foods, but this one is different. It's the kind of spicy that will make you perspire, and it will also have a "runny nose" effect on you. Seriously! But it is also bursting in seafood flavor with all the seafoods I love in a bowl! And noodles is one of my best "comfort food". That was a winner choice!
We also ordered a big plate of Tang Soo Yook (not sure if I spelled it correctly) or Korean sweet and sour pork. It is a fresh new experience of sweet and sour, with one of my fave fruit, Pineapples! YUM indeed! And the pork by the way is differently cooked, seemed like it was wrapped into something that makes it look like it's not pork but at first I thought it was fish fillet! Hahaha! But it really tastes great!
A birthday is not complete without cake! So we also grabbed a couple of cupcakes from J Cuppacakes in Eastwood City for dessert! Red Velvet is love! :)
I have yet more to discover about Korean Cuisine and I will eat more, because it is truly heavenly! More to the amazing taste, I love how their food was served. I definitely enjoyed our food trip and I am sure we will definitely go back to try more dishes soon! I want to also try their "black spaghetti"  which is a specialty of Jjang Kkae and is known to be a bestseller to their loyal Korean customers!
That was an awesome meal that I have to blog and share!
*here are some photos from Jjang Kkae:
To everyone, thank you so much for all the warm birthday greetings! Each and everyone was truly appreciated! So here's for all of you.. my theme song for this year..
Godspeed to y'all!

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