Movie Review: It Takes A Man And A Woman

The highly-anticipated come back of Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro after a long time is NOW SHOWING! Yes, we loved them since A Very Special Love and even more in You Changed My Life. I know for certain that John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo's on-screen tandem is totally hard to resist. Everyone is asking, what happened to the "Bebe Ko" love story now? Hmm.. Star Cinema now presents It Takes A Man And A Woman, another romantic-comedy-drama story for the record! Now, here is my own movie review about the movie. (Yes, I have seen it. I watched it on their 1st showing day due to excitement.)

It Takes A Man And A Woman
Starring Sarah Geronimo as Laida Magtalas and John Lloyd Cruz as Miggy Montenegro
Isabelle Daza, Rowell Santiago, Joross Gamboa, Gio Alvarez, Matet De Leon, Al Tantay, Irma Adlawan, Guji Lorenzana, Miles Ocampo, Johnny Revilla and Dante Rivero
Directed by: Cathy Garcia-Molina
From: Star Cinema
**watch the full trailer here:
Movie Synopsis:
Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro met again after years of being apart. Yes. They separated four years ago. What we thought as a "happily ever after" to them came to an end. It was a point in time where both of them undergone family crisis and they weren't able to be with each other because of distance. This time Laida and Miggy needs to work together for the Montenegro's crucial business need. Laida's come back to work with Miggy initially turned out to be "not so good" because both of them has been clashing personal issues especially that they are also working with Belle, Miggy's present girlfriend. How will they mend the wounds of the past? How can they learn to apologize, forgive and maybe forget? Is it really possible to give true love a second chance? Will the lessons of love and life help them to become a better person? (I don't want to give much spoilers because it's just the first week of the movie.. but there's more you need to know so please do watch it..)
The PROs:
•Their come back is truly worth the wait... It Takes A Man And A Woman, for me, was THE BEST among their 3-part-story!
•Laida has truly changed.. the difference from the old Laida to the Laida Magtalas version 2.0 was truly noted.
•Miggy Montenegro has kept his charm even if he's not as dashing as the rich and successful Miggy on the first two installments.
•I must say that I need to bow down to this film's writers and creative heads, and to all the people behind the story and the main script.. I am moved. More than just a love story, it taught me life lessons! Ms. Carmi and Direk Cathy I salute you! This is truly a film of depth!
•Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz naturally made me laugh harder than I ever imagined. Their tandem is cute and overflowing with kilig. Just by the way they look at each other truly amazed me... The connection has been evident on the entire film.
•It's nostalgic! They took me on a great trip to memory lane! Reminiscing the Laida and Miggy moments from the first two parts indeed carried over the kilig to ITAMAAW!
The CONs:
•There were a few scene jumps that I notice but it really doesn't affect the entirety of the film.
•I am not sure if this is a con, but I hate that ITAMAAW made me cry real tears too. Seriously, I can't help it! SG and JLC are such tearjerkers! Especially when JLC is crying... He has never failed to move me in every way. It's truly a con for me to cry in the cinema. I'm not prepared, I'm carried away. The overflow of heart-warming scenes really got me weak in resisting tears! Oh my! Hahaha! Kudos!
General Comments:
The Miggy and Laida come back with It Takes A Man And A Woman just proved how the audience loved them! They are indeed the most-loved movie franchise so far... Earning 65M+ Php on their first 2days! Wow! Congratulations!!! The numbers can't even surpass the happiness that the film has given to everyone who already watched it! I am so sure that I will watch it again... :)
John Lloyd Cruz has always been the "ULTIMATE ACTOR" for me. His fine, brilliant and sparkling talent definitely shines through every project that he executes. One amazing thing about him is that... he surely brings his character to life... like how we all loved Popoy in One More Chance, JD in The Mistress and now, this only showed how we all embraced Miggy as a character as well in this 3-part story!
Sarah Geronimo, through the years, has already proven herself more than just being a singer, performer, diva and a "Popstar Princess". ITAMAAW has shown me how she had evolved to one of the leading, well-loved romantic-comedy actress as well. Laida has given countless smiles and tears to everyone who watched and followed through their 3-part story. Seeing her change from movie after movie is thrilling! She never fails to show something special and different to her audience! Her eyes speaks the words of her heart and that is definitely magical!
It Takes A Man And A Woman, as I have said, was THE BEST of the Laida-Miggy movie series for me. With that being said, I personally embraced a lot of realizations from the entire film! It left a mark on me as a person more to just the entertainment that it was expected to impart. ITAMAAW taught me lessons in giving a deeper value to family, forgiveness and accepting change. Forgive because of love, forgive because it's your choice. And at the end of the day, no matter how hard you try to be the BEST, sometimes all that matters is for you to be a GOOD PERSON. :)
Watch IT TAKES A MAN AND A WOMAN... now showing in theaters nationwide! Do not miss the greatest come back of the first and the most successful romantic-comedy series in Philippine movie history!

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