LOVE OPM: Jonalyn Viray's new album out soon!

For the deepest love to OPM, again here's another post for my blog series. And for my deepest appreciation as well to this astounding singer, I am totally excited to spread the word  about her latest contribution for OPM...One of the premiere diva here in the Philippines, Ms. Jonalyn Viray, will be releasing her newest album real soon! Woohoo!

I know that it was already announced before that she is recording her new album and most of us are really looking forward for the release.. But I am definitely overjoyed that when she posted from her Instagram account (@jonalyn_viray): "Hi everyone, ito na po yun! Pls grab a copy of my album:) malapit narin lumabas sa music stores:)" captioned to this photo:
As an honest testimonial, I already heard some of the tracks for the album and to tell you, THIS ALBUM IS A MUST HAVE! No kidding... This album will give you the grandest ear pleasure... with great original songs, awesome melody, brilliant lyrics and Jonalyn's one-of-a-kind vocals... the album is a sure smash! Her single entitled "Nakitang Muli" started playing on the radio with Barangay LS FM! :)
Listening to her songs gave me a severe LSS.. and not only me, I figured, everyone who had the chance to hear it will agree. Truly an album that was given all the passion for. I am in full support of Jonalyn Viray because of her purely amazing talent. She is one of the few who went beyond my "wow" level.. Whenever she sings and performs, she never fails to make my hands clap and my jaw drop! Yes, that's right... she's really awesome!
So once released in all leading record bars, please do buy an original copy of the album. I will keep you posted on her album news and updates, even for her mallshows and gig schedules if ever... Thank you! Please do support one of OPM's finest... Ms. Jonalyn Viray... Stop piracy, love OPM!
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  1. Thanks for all the support Ms Mau! Jonatics are very grateful! All the best for this amazing, talented lady! :-)

  2. Thanks Mau! God bless idol Jonalyn sa new album! Excited na talaga ako na makabili ng album mo idol! Break a leg sa concert mo sa april 20...Congrats po!

  3. eggzyted lang sa bagong album ni ate jona!

  4. sobra ko tong inaabangan nung pag post palang nya na meron xang ilalabas na album sobrang pinanabikan ko talaga. and sa pagkakadinig o pagkakaalam ko all original ung album ang ganda nga nung NAKITA KANG MULI nadidinig na xa sa radyo. sayted ako maxado. CONGRATS MISS JV.