BROMANCE My Brother's Romance coming soon!

The hilariously wacky movie Bromance "My Brother's Romance" is set to sail on theaters this May 15, 2013! Starring Kapamilya hunk-actor Zanjoe Marudo and the gorgeous Ms. Christine Reyes! A comedy breakthrough from Skylight Films and Star Cinema! The buzz for this film is definitely on...

Enough, Zanjoe will play two opposite roles in the movie. A very masculine, straight hunk named Brando and a flashy, extravagant gay named Brandy! This is his major comeback on a gay role for the big screen since 24/7 In Love shown last November 21, 2012! The very manly Zanjoe is now engaged to playing gay roles, which is really cute! I am expecting Bromance "My Brother's Romance" to be a fun riot! Which side are you? Team Brando or Team Brandy?
(credits to Christine Reyes' Instagram account)
Adding up to the thrill is the very alluring, enticing and beautiful Christine, who was already paired to Zanjoe before. Reliving their ZanTine love team is absolutely good! More than just seeing Christine in drama films (like No Other Woman), now we will enjoy laughing out loud with her in comedy!

I can already foresee the success of this movie, because it is directed by Wenn V. Deramas, the same brilliant director behind the massive success of Sisterakas, Ang Tanging Ina and The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin. No need to say more, this film is already in good hands!

So watch the wackiest dude and gay movie for everyone...
Bromance "My Brother's Romance" showing this May 15, 2013!

*here is a quick teaser video:

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