Oh5! Things I love about KathNiel!

No doubt, they are the hottest young love team around. We all got hooked to their team-up from Growing Up, we gave a strong fight for them in Princess and I, we supported them in 24/7 In Love and we made a huge blockbuster success for them in Sisterakas. Now, these young successful teen stars opens up a momentous event on their career with their big screen debut from Star Cinema entitled "Must Be...Love"! Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla is taking their tandem to another level! So for my latest Oh5! blog series... I will tell you what I love about KathNiel...

1. Kath and Dj are both family-oriented.
- as teens in the showbiz industry, it is hard to maintain good family bond but not for both Kath and Dj. Everyone can see how they are close to their family. They are supported by their parents. They are working to help their family. I love them because of that.
2. KathNiel: hardworking, dedicated and professional.
- Direk Dado said "Napaka-professional nila Kathryn at Daniel, kahit pagod or inaantok, pag time to shoot, alert talaga. Ang maganda kay Kathryn at Daniel is that they listen." And coming from their director who had worked with them since Princess and I, also with their up-coming movie Must Be...Love, it proves how these two deserve the success that they are now getting.
3. Kathryn is a fine young lady.
- I honestly loved Kath ever since she was a young child star from the famed TV series Super Inggo. And seeing her bloom into a fine young lady is such a joy. Everytime I see her in press/ blog cons she was always sweet and respectful to everyone. She knows how to answer questions asked in a smart manner. She also had proven that she is one brilliant actress of her generation.
4. Daniel is an astig gentleman.
- Coming from the Padilla clan, no doubt that Dj is astig! And it's noticeably obvious that he is a gentleman. Dj rocks but he is cool and steady. He has a charm that leaves young girls screaming on top of their lungs. He does have a good voice as a singer too. A true crush ng bayan.
5. KathNiel has a genuine sweetness!
- Genuinely sweet to each other Kath and Dj is not conscious on how they move or act, it comes out naturally from them. They care for each other and it shows, resulting to massive kilig and overflowing sweetness.
When Dj stares at Kath...
or when Kath touches Dj... 
It's very natural. They are truly comfortable with each other. They're a perfect match!
Continue to fall in love with KathNiel, watch Must Be...Love in theaters near you, showing this March 13, 2013 nationwide!

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    sweet sana forever!

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