Must Be...Love movie review!

A sweet young love. Star Cinema's latest offering Must Be...Love directed by Dado Lumibao is NOW SHOWING in theaters near you. Top-billed by the hottest and most in-demand love team of their generation... Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.
The movie has been making massive buzz all around since it was shown nationwide last March 13, 2013. It was talked about by netizens on social networking sites. I was able to catch the film on it's first day as I was invited by KathNiel's loving and loyal fans... KaDreamers World to join them in a block screening for the movie... So now, I will take you on my "Must Be...Love" movie review...

Must Be...Love
Starring Kathryn Bernardo as Patchot and Daniel Padilla as Ivan
Introducing Liza Soberano as Angel
John Estrada, John Lapus, Liza Soberano, Ramon Christopher Gutierrez, Arlene Muhlach, Cacai Bautista, Janus Del Prado, Paul Salas, Sharlene San Pedro, Kit Thompson, Miguel Morales, Cris Queg, G. Toengi, Myk Israel
Directed by Dado Lumibao
From Star Cinema
**Watch the full trailer here:
Movie Synopsis:
The story revolves about bestfriends Patchot and Ivan. Their friendship started since childhood. Both were from broken families. Patchot was a girl who grew up living with his dad and in a "lechunan". She was always treated as one-of-the-boys. She strongly believes that true love can be found with a "slow mo" moment. And surprisingly she had her "slow mo" moment with her own bestfriend, Ivan. Scared to be laughed at and not to be taken seriously, Patchot decided to keep it to herself as a secret. When Angel, Patchot's cousin went back home to Cebu for a vacation, Ivan fell for her instantly through his own "slow mo" moment with Angel. Patchot was hurt. But she gave way for them to become a couple. Patchot is insecure of herself. She always thinks that she's not pretty unlike Angel. Somehow, Ivan's Tita Baby decided to help Patchot to see herself from within through a transformation. Patchot evolved to a very lady-like, beautiful and fine young girl. Seeing Patchot's different side, Ivan fall apart from his girlfriend Angel. He had discovered for himself that true love is not from the "slow mo" moment but it will come to you through a "fast forward" as you would imagine your future with the one that you truly love. He's "fast forward" was with Patchot.
The PROs:
• The story was light but it's very touching. Everyone will surely relate to it.
• The script was cool and cute. The lines executed was so trendy and it copes up to young generation. (e.g. YOLO, WOW, MTB, KaKaL, etc.)
• Cebu's culture, festival, and tourist spots were showcased on the film! Proud Pinoy!
• Daniel Padilla has the perfect character as a heart breaker in the movie. Girls can't really help to fall for his charms! He really has this natural heartthrob moves.
• Kathryn Bernardo had her crying moments in the film that broke my heart. I nearly cried too. Especially with Patchot's confrontation scenes with her dad. That's truly dramatic. She never fails to deliver the emotions to her audience.
• My fave scenes were when they're DANCING! Noted when they were goofing around with their dance practice... it was overflowing with fun and cuteness. Dj is already a certified dancer!
• Kath has always been pretty but the movie made the audience feel the transformation of Patchot!
• It is brilliant how they incorporated "slow mo" with "fast forward". That's way too clever! Kudos to the writers.
• Direk Dado knows Kath and Dj too well.. with the camera angles, shots, scene sequence, etc.
• The supporting casts made the story complete. Their characters made the movie more enjoyable. Especially Janus Del Prado, Sharlene San Pedro and Kakai Bautista who made me laugh for the entire movie!
• A totally different John Lapus was seen in this film. He was not loud and perky. Tita Baby's character was more of composed and firm. I'm surprised!
The CONs:
• Sorry, I enjoyed the movie too much, if there were any CONs, I probably missed them out. Haha!

The movie was really made to enjoy and feel good. It is more of a celebration of young love. The film will make you realize to value love, family, friends and yourself. I really do hope for KathNiel as a tandem to have more projects together because this film really showed how effective they are together on-screen. As a young love team, these two already mastered the art of making their audience feel the "kilig". Congratulations to Kath, Dj and to Star Cinema as I am sure that this film marked to everyone who has already seen it.
MUST BE...LOVE is still showing nationwide, so don't miss the chance to be young-at-heart again! I recommend you to see this film and make a self realization of love and life. The film will not only give the kilig but it will also give an important life lesson.

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  2. Dear Mam,

    I can see that your a fan of Daniel Padilla, am i right?...kasi purely bias ang review no po...i can't say for sure pero i read some EXPERT AND PROFESSIONAL reviews in IMDB...the movie was purely mediocre and intended for the fans of daniel and the youth. Scripts were average but good in terms of comedic acts. Kathryn Bernardo overshadowed Daniel Padilla by her great talent in acting. and many other else, If you want to know what was the review, please just search it on google.

    Please be more professional and fare when reviewing. it is a review not a advertisement.

    1. Hi Glenn,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review and for leaving a comment..

      Anyways, this is an entertainment and lifestyle PERSONAL blog, so my review is based on: if i like it or not.. EXPERT and PROFESSIONAL cannot be measured just by giving a negative review or for bashing a movie.. This is not an advertisement too because I was not paid even by a single cent to write this blog post.. This is purely a "personal promotion" of a movie I LIKED! YES, I am, affiliated to ABS-CBN's Star Cinema and I truly admire Daniel Padilla for being young and successful... And just to point out, mediocre films can be enjoyable you know.. Yes, this is a mainstream movie and it was made to make the youth feel the kilig, and to enjoy and learn something.. and the film served it's purpose..

      Kathryn will definitely overshadow Daniel on this film because the story is about her so called "transformation" and that is the essence of Must Be...Love! I will be more than happy to see Kathryn and Daniel in a deeper role and in-depth projects in the future, of course!

      However, being PROFESSIONAL and FARE este FAIR is not my goal in writing a blog.. I am not a journalist and not even a media member.. I am a blogger.. and I speak the innermost truth of my own opinion.. that on it's own is professional and fair for me..

      THANK YOU!

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