Must Be...Love hits theaters this March 13!

Everyone is fuzzing about the newest movie offering of Star Cinema, seems like everyone is so excited about it. Must Be...Love is the very first big screen team-up of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The breakthrough tandem that made us fall in love surely proves that they are two of the most successful young stars of today.

Here is Must Be Love's 2nd trailer:
The movie plot is about "bestfriends" Ivan played by Daniel and Patchot played by Kathryn. The struggles of young love and teen transformation is what makes this film truly interesting. Patchot a young girl who grew up being "one of the boys" in a lechunan falls in love with her bestfriend. Ivan on the other hand, coming from a broken family, believes that true love comes when you experience the "slow mo" moment.. as conflicts unravel on its own, Ivan will get his "slow mo" moment with Patchot's cousin and it will break Patchot's young heart... How can pain change her? What will happen to their treasured friendship?
Must Be...Love is directed by Direk Dado Lumibao, who directed Kathryn and Daniel in their hit TV series "Princess and I".. Direk Dado revealed that this is his first time to direct a full length film, but he is happy to be working again with KathNiel. "Lahat ng eksena.. pinaghirapan talaga nila Daniel at Kathryn", he even said that he cares for both Kath and Dj as his own kids. "Sa Princess and I pa lang, palagay na talaga ang loob ko kay Daniel at Kathryn." Direk even revealed that the two lead stars showcased somethign different to offer to their supporters, Kath played basketball and Dj danced in the film.
Ms. Melai, one of the writers of Must Be...Love said that they specifically wrote the story for Kath and Dj. "Gusto namin ipakita yung paano mag-deal si Patchot sa insecurities at challenges ng pagdadalaga" she explained.
Daniel Padilla, being undoubtedly one of the most in demand young stars of today said that he initially didn't want to enter showbiz because he knows how hard it is to be an actor, but eventually he tried it out to help his mom. He also said that in the long course of time that he has been working with Kath, he is comfortable working with her and that , "nakuha na talaga namin ang ugali ng isa't-isa"
Kath said that she relates to her character Patchot in being a teen in a dilemma of change and transformation, but she confirms that everyone can also relate to the movie's story. When she was asked on what does she think is the reason why "KathNiel" was loved by fans and supporters, she said "siguro nakita nila kasi natural lang kami.. hindi scripted and siguro nakita nila na.. nagki-click din pala pag very opposite."
Must Be...Love is one massively anticipated film and I am pretty sure that there is more in stored for these two young and very successful celebrities. I am one of the millions who admire their tandem and meeting them again in their recently held blog con last Feb. 4 was a pleasure. I am happy to be supporting this movie.
From the blog con, Kath has proven once again that she is a fine young lady. She has depth in answering questions and she is truly sweet and smiling even though I know how tired she was from being busy in all the guestings and promos for the film. Dj on the other hand also got my respect when he came to see and meet the bloggers even if he is already called for his taping of "Minute To Win It". He entertained questions from the bloggers and answered them cool and collected. He is such a charming young man and more to that you can see how he is dedicated with his career.

Watch Must Be...Love in theaters showing this March 13! Let's all fall in love all over again with KathNiel!

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