Live more with SMART's "Store on Wheels"

In conscious effort to serve better and faster, Smart Communications Inc. launched the very first store on wheels! Yes, a Smart store that will roam around near you to offer services from Smart, an innovation to conveniently avail and experience their fast and reliable network.Last March 8, the Smart Store on Wheels made a "stop" at Eastwood City Walk and they were joined by Jinri Park, Jasmine Curtis, Maxene and Elmo Magalona! An awesome way to launch another breakthrough project right?

The Store on Wheels can cater everything that Smart Stores can offer, it's WiFi enabled and it's always online so subscribers can easily connect to it, they can also try out the latest mobile phones offered, they can inquire about plans and services, buy devices, check promos and news from Smart. The mobile store is also open to non-Smart subscribers who wants to submit their applications. Application verifications and even the release of devices can also be done from the Smart Store on Wheels. The Store on Wheels also complements other service channels developed by Smart for customer service and sales, including the 24/7 hotline *888 which subscribers can call for free if they need assistance, the online account management portal my.Smart (, the Sales hotline 8488877 or *887 for existing Smart subscribers, and the online shop (, which handles new subscription applications.
So watch out for the Smart Store on Wheels that roams around the Metro! This is surely one effective way to enjoy and 'Live More' with Smart!

For more info about Smart Communications Inc. you can check their official website:

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