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In this present time, where everyone is very much concerned on how they look, it is kind of challenging to be different. Especially in terms of clothes, make-up, and hair-do. Sometimes, people just go with the flow of what is trendy and famous. Now, I will take you on a feature of Express Hair Studio, the hair and make-up salon that goes beyond the norm.

I used to think that salon services are generic, like each and every salon can offer the same services to everyone.. that's not until I personally experienced a unique "make-over" with Express Hair Studio owned by the very successful young entrepreneur Mr. Chase Tinio.  Express Hair Studio is known to be the first Japanese hair salon in the South. With that being said, they actually do have the #1 precision cutter in Kyoto, Mr. Shun.
Mr. Shun
Mr. Shun is the best in what he do and I personally witnessed that. I had observed and watched as he was styling other customers. He has his own techniques and he has his own style in hair dressing. He is actually sharing his knowledge in precision cutting by training hair styling enthusiasts to be a part of their team under CT Hair Talents Inc. and by the way, Mr. Shun is not just the salon's hairstylist, he is actually sir Chase's business partner. I had the chance to do a quick chit-chat with sir Chase and I was told that Mr. Shun's hair styling session in Japan costs 3000Php but in their salon, you can actually get to be styled "the Japanese way" for only 399Php! An amazingly great deal!
Sir Em, Mr. Shun and Sir Alvin
My Express Hair Studio experience was one for the record. To be honest, I loved EVERYTHING about their service. The salon itself has an unwinding ambiance, it is clean, organized and unlike other salons, it doesn't have the "salon smell" that I usually hate. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. They are experts, the staff knows what they are doing, and they educate the customers as well. They do have a hair-color expert, they do have a professional make-up artist, they can take care of your nails well. And one good thing is that they do have a polished system when it comes to attending to customer's needs. And above all, they offer everything in a reasonable price, you are getting quality service in a competitive value. On my stay in Express, I can attest that everyone goes out of the salon satisfied of their look and the service they received.

I tried out a new hair-color (which I loved by the way) that is kinda reddish and brownish but not too light and striking. After the hair-color I tried their organic hair treatment. I had my nails done too, both manicure and pedicure with a shiny purple nail polish finish. I tried their relaxing foot spa as a treat to my feet that walks everyday..haha! If you will drop by to Express, my nails are done by Che and my hairstyle was taken care of by Em.
Mr. Chase Tinio and Sir Em
Em is such a promising hair stylist, especially that he was trained by Mr. Shun. I noticed that he knows hair colors well, he cuts and trims hair gracefully, he also mastered professional make-up. I was actually impressed with Em. After doing the treatment, he took the electronic hair-curler and said "ma'am ise-set ko po yung buhok nyo ah.." I said no. I told him to let it be straight.. he replied "don't worry ma'am hindi naman po masisira yung buhok nyo, at mag-straight naman po ulit sya.. maniwala kayo sakin mas maganda pag i-set natin." He was really good in educating and convincing, so I said yes. After curling my hair a bit, I am happy to say that I was beyond satisfied on the new look he had given me. So, I suggest once you visit Express you can look for Em, I personally recommend him. He is great! Even Sir Chase said that Em is really a good employee, he believes in his young talent and he encourage him to always grow and excel.

Now, here is my look's before and after photo with Express Hair Studio's owner Mr. Chase Tinio:
Here is a better shot of my new hair color:
My nails:
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out Express Hair Studio and "express yourself" the Japanese way! They do have a wide range of services offered! For inquiries and appointments you can call them at 553-79-89. Express Hair Studio is located at #31 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque City. 

*Some photos are in credit from their FB Page:

*Special thanks to Mr. Chase Tinio and mommy Jo Bonsol!

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  1. Hi can i ask... how much is the hair color here? And do they accept credit card? Nice blog by the way... tnx