Wang Fu Chinese Café: my authentic Chinese dining experience

I am a chinese cuisene fan! Seriously, I love chinese foods, especially their hand-pulled noodles. I am not a chinese though, I am just really a food lover. Now let me tell you, by experience, the best chinese dining experience I ever had was at Wang Fu Chinese Café!

They just opened their café last year and I am hoping that they will somehow spread out quick as the wind. I absolutely enjoyed dining at Wang Fu.

To tell you on a personal note, I am really fond of eating and take it from me, Wang Fu serves great food! They have dishes  that are overly-satisfying and beyond delicious! It is authentic! Their menu is consists of meals that are known and mostly found at the heart of Singapore and Hongkong! Their head chef is literally from Singapore, flown here to the Philippines to give an absolutely off-the-hook dining!

The cafe's ambiance is perfect for both chilling and enjoying precious moments with family and friends, and formal meetings and matters for work. Truly Wang Fu is the right place to be!

So to keep you drooling, I will let the food's photos speak for themselves!
One of their best-sellers, the famous Hainanese Chicken for 338Php (half chicken)
Crunchy Sweet & Sour Pork for 228Php
Stir Fry Beans for 168Php (I love this!)
Cereal Prawn for 358Php (this is sweet and yummy, fit for kids!)
Chili Potato Strings for 128Php (You should try this!)
Black Pepper Beef for 268Php
Soy Chicken for 198Php

Those are few of the dishes I had the chance to try on Wang Fu and they still have more to offer. Their menu had a wide variety of authentic Chinese cuisines to satisfy your cravings! I will surely go back to Wang Fu to bring my family and friends again for a sumptuous and delightful meal!

Visit them too and check out their yummy dishes at Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, or you may call (02) 709-0569 for details. Like them on Facebook: and follow them on Twitter: @wangfucafe.

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