Yeng Constantino and her Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is Yeng Constantino's 5th album. The Philippine's Pop-Rock Princess and the certified hit maker is now ready to take on and face her life's greatest transformations to help her be better as a musician and as a person.

Yeng said that "Metamorphosis" was the very first word that popped up her head when she was trying to think of the album title. She said that she was a bit hesitating at first, because of the fact that "Metamorphosis" may be too deep or some people might be confused about its relevance so she tried to think of another title, but she said that it was the only word that she feels to be fitting in.
Far from being the very first Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer, she has established her own name in our music industry. She has countless hit songs since her very first album. She had been performing concerts, shows and events. She is a regular mainstay of ASAP 18. She was PMPC’s Female Rock Artists of the Year 2012 and MYX Music Awards 2012′s Favorite Female Artist. She was hand-picked as an Auxiliary Member by the Academy of Rock in Singapore this year  and her song “Salamat” as part of the syllabus. Yeng Constantino is a star, and there is no need to explain that. She was unique, not imitating anybody else. She earned her fame real hard and she is a great inspiration to the youth.
Yeng was too grateful to Star Records because they supported her in her decisions for the album. It took her two years before she completed this album. She said that this is her collaboration between her mentor Raimund Marasigan, together with Jesse Grinter and Shinji Tanaka. She explained that the greatest challenge she encountered was in between choosing to make all originals or go with the flow of some local artists who were doing covers of famed hit songs. "Challenge for me is, harapin yung reality na OPM music…I’m not saying it’s dead, it’s not. Pero nandun tayo sa point talaga na we have to fight for it... Yung thought na tatanggapin ba ng mga tao kung maghain ka sa kanila ng bagong kanta na hindi nila alam ulit?" But despite her worries, she still decided to go with her gut-feel. " This is who I am. I’m a songwriter..."
On songwriting, Yeng said that her mentor taught her that if a song was written from the heart, you can never go wrong. "Basta galing sayo, sa puso mo.. hindi yan corny.. sa'yo yan. Ikaw yan..." Yeng even shared that she was kinda feeling bad about her recording at first because she recorded the songs on "one-take" vocals. She was worried, "Pa'no kung may sintunado?" But Raimund explained, "Yung imperfections nun, yun yung nagpapaganda and yung rawness ng emotion mo..". As it was proven when she tried recording a take-two, "Pag pinakinggan ko, oo nga, mas maganda yung take one nung wala ‘kong maysadong iniisip."
Metamorphosis is composed of 10 original tracks. “B.A.B.A.Y”, “Chinito”, “Hahanapin Kita”, “Josephine”, “Messiah”, “Pasensya Na”, “Di Pa Huli”, “Teleserye”, “Pag-Ibig” and “Sandata”. All songs were written by Yeng except the track "Chinito" which was composed by her friend Jed Dumawal. She said that she immediately fell in love for the song, she felt like it was written for her. She even revealed that "Chinito" will be her next single off the album and the music video will still be directed by the GREAT Avid Liongoren (the director of most of her music videos and a great artist, I am actually a fan of sir Avid. check out my blog about him here:
"Josephine" was Yeng's real first name and it was a song for herself. Yeng said that "Sandata" was the most faith-driven song in the album. She explained that it seems like it was God's song for us. It is my own personal favorite. When I heard "Sandata" I was moved. I nearly cried. It's a breathtaking and heartwarming song. "B.A.B.A.Y" is the current carrier single of the album. A sad song with an upbeat music, instead of dwelling with sadness, Yeng said that she wanted the song to help everyone to realize how easy it is to say goodbye. Here is the official video:
BABAY music video is currently # 1 on MYX Daily Top Ten, MYX Hit Chart and Pinoy MYX Countdown. You can continue voting for it on
She dyed her hair red, she doesn't even know why, and now she loves her fiery red hair color. She is just on her phase of being experimental. Yeng said that sometimes she has her "random" moments, like her tattoo, she revealed that she has a back tatt of Jesus' name in Hebrew. She also said that she added piercings on her ear on her own just because she wanted to. Her advice to the youth? "Do something crazy... basta hindi masama at wala kang tatapakang tao, gawin mo.." she said. “Try something new, God is telling you to come out... to shine.”
Metamorphosis is already available on all leading record bars nationwide produced by Raimund Marasigan under Star Records. It is also available for LEGAL download in mymusicstore and iTunes. Stop piracy, LOVE OPM! ♥ 
Yeng is also one of the interpreters for Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs with "Alaala" composed by Fe Tianga, Melvin Huwervana and Joel Jabot Jr., you can also grab a copy of the Himig Handog album and vote for Yeng's entry. For more info you can check it here:

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*On a personal note, this is my first ever encounter with Yeng, and I am totally moved just by a quick chit-chat with her. She was bubbly and transparent. I was actually having goose-bumps when she was talking about faith. I admired her more now, as I tweeted, I am a blogger turned to a Yengster too! She was someone worthy to look up to. I learned a lot from her with just a short period of time. She is a person with a good heart. "Tunay na alagad ng pag-ibig."

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