Patrick Garcia, Nikki Gil and Empress in Apoy Sa Dagat's back story

Last night marked as Apoy Sa Dagat's pilot episode, I just wanted to give some of my inner/personal point of views on the show... 

On a special participation, the back story features Nikki Gil as Odessa , Patrick Garcia as Alberto and Empress as young Adrianna..

The pilot episode was already scorching hot as they showcased how Alberto fell in love to Odessa a prostitute. It also structured Odessa and Alberto's family and life struggles.
Adrianna's character has already established a strong affection for Alberto as she showed utmost care and concern for him. I am truly excited to see more of Empress' acting prowess in the next episodes.
Nikki Gil was a big surprise! She was a prostitute in this series! As we all know, Nikki is such a fine lady and I never imagined her in this kind of role, but hey.. she nailed it. She executed pretty well and I have  applauded her (literally) in her performance especially the in-depth scenes with her mom (played by Isay Alvarez). The last part where she was crying with her dying mom on her arms was a champion!
Patrick Garcia has regained his "crush ng bayan" status with last night's episode! He was the cutest and the hottest too! Even if he was in a moment of silence for a while in the showbiz industry, his come back in playing the role of Alberto has marked to all the viewers and I am already looking forward for his future projects to come!
The Patrick-Nikki tandem was a unique match but is totally exploding with chemistry! I can't help but smile on their cute, tender moments together. As Odessa and Alberto, they effectively carried out the 'kilig' feeling!

I thought twice in posting this but yeah, here are some caps of the most talked about "poso" scene of Patrick Garcia: (sorry it's blurry, it's a PrtSc from
Hahaha! Funny! :)

Apoy Sa Dagat already made me fall in love to it's initial characters, what more to it's leads then? :)
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