Paramore LIVE in Manila February 15, 2013 - Para-Thrilla in Manila 2

*The photo above were the best shots I got from the rocking crowd, compiled in a photo*

Paramore LIVE in Manila 02.15.13 or also known as "Para-Thrilla in Manila 2" was my very first rock concert ever and I SURVIVED! For the love of the band I swam among the crowd of Parawhores, we simply rocked the night out. Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis went back to Manila to grace a show at MOA Arena for all their Filipino fans and supporters. Considering this as the best night of my life so far.. I am overwhelmed with the love for Paramore's music. More so, the band has touched my heart and moved me on how they loved making and playing music as a living. 

"Thank you for being here tonight.. You are important to us." -Hayley Williams

Over 10,000 hyped-up fans came in to fill up the Arena and I am so happy to be a part of this one EPIC night! I just wanna share a quick photo of their set-list for everyone:
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To share the experience I had to cherish... here are some of my video caught from their concert.. Sorry for the shaky, kinda low quality video but as a confession from a Paramore lover.. I will treasure this moment forever..

•For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic•
•In The Mourning•

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A big and sincere THANK YOU to Ms. Erich Gonzales for making this possible.. May God bless you and your kind heart more. I will forever be grateful!

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  1. Hi Mau,

    If you have a time, can you send me your pile of pictures from the concert? We were in the Lower box. Not far but we didn't have a good camera to capture the band's performance in HD.

    here is my email add.