OPM's leading icons for our country's leading network... SMART!

Four of the biggest music icons was brought together by Smart Communications Inc. the leading wireless network in our country. OPM's finest: Rico Blanco, Raimund Marasigan, Barbie Almalbis and Ely Buendia were tapped to do a collaboration for remaking the timeless classic song "Tayo'y Mga Pinoy" (music video appears above). It was almost an impossible move to put them together in one song, that making this as one momentous event for our local music industry.

The official debut of the 3-minute long music video of the Heber Bartolome original was launched just right in time for the 27th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. The event was truly special not only for having four music icons in one song, but also for having original hit maker, Mr. Heber Bartolome witness the unveiling of his own song's remake.
Smart EVP and Wireless Consumer Division Head Emmanuel C. Lorenzana said, "We hope that introducing this song to a new generation of Filipinos would remind us how important it is to be connected not only with each other but also to our humble, yet noble roots.."
The four music icons said that they enjoyed working together for Smart, Raimung Marasigan said, "Masaya, enjoy, sa music video hindi naman talaga kami, nagkita.." he explained how the music video connected the four of them digitally through Smart's technology.. Smart actually stated how they were proud of their newest leap in the technical field, adding 4x more fiber power for our usage convenience. Smart Fiber Optics technology is stretched out to the whole country to sustain millions and millions of calls, text and data bytes that we are all sending and receiving per each second. Rico Blanco said "I can't imagine a world without fast and reliable internet.", musicians now are relying on fast connection too. Barbie agreed,"kahit sa recording process, sa shows, everything is digital.." Ely said "Pero ang pinaka panalo talaga dito is yung mga fans, they get to interact with us musicians over social media.."
Rico said that they have been wanting to do a collab and they were thrilled that it happened.This almost once-in-a-lifetime collaboration was made possible by the number 1 leader in wireless and as a special treat to everyone, the "Tayo'y Mga Pinoy" song is available for download on iTunes and on m.smart.com.ph for NO COST! Yes, that's right.. and Smart users can also enjoy the song as a Caller Ringback Tune (CRBT) by texting PNOY to 2728 and it's also free for 5 days, and renewable for P15/15days.
Imagine everything we can do with a fast and reliable internet connection, we can grow closer, tighter, and stronger.. not even distance can stop us. Together, let's "Imagine More with Smart Bro".

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