Oh5: Top music videos I love from Paramore

Paramore is the ONLY band I have been so crazy about. Since I was in high school I am already a Paramore lover and up until now, I am. I sing along to their songs, I even tried to play their songs on guitars. I am fondly youtubing their videos on tour, shows, singles and everything about them. I was affected even when the Farro brothers left the band. I thought it will be the end of Paramore, but hey, Jeremy Davis (bass), Taylor York (guitars) and Hayley Williams (vocals) are now stronger than ever.

Paramore had a concert here in Manila last March 9, 2010 at MOA concert grounds, entitled Para-Thrilla in Manila. Since I was still a student way back then, my mom didn't allow me to go to the concert. Too be honest, I literally cried because I missed their first concert here in Manila.

But then, I saw this:
Thought this was my chance to see them perform live. I wanted to watch them badly. And just when blessings come in, the prettiest Santa made my dream come true!
Ms. Erich Gonzales sent me a ticket to Paramore's concert in MOA Arena this Feb 15, 2013! My sincerest gratitude goes out to her for making me a happy kid! May God bless her more. :)

And to my boost up my excitement in Paramore's approaching concert, I will give an Oh5 of my most favorite Paramore music videos... Let's do it!

#5: That's What You Get
*A fun video of Paramore!
#4: Decode
*This has been used for my loved movie Twilight.
#3: Ignorance
*Fierce and dark!
#2: Monster
*Just when I thought Paramore disbanded, Monster came out!
#1: Careful
*This features their tour's video montage, which includes their last concert here in Manila, the Manila jeepney was featured in the video! :)

For more information about the Paramore concert, Para-thrilla in Manila 2, you can check www.smtickets.com.ph, MMI and Ovation Productions

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