Love OPM: Never The Strangers

The band behind the hit toothpaste commercial theme song "Moving Closer" skyrocketed to the music industry and gained massive acceptance to music listeners. Now, for Love OPM, we will try to get to know more about this band that won my heart.

Alright, I just figured out the Never The Strangers started out as "Leonecast" around 2006, due to member changes, their name had also changed. They were discovered by Rico Blanco through MySpace and the band got signed with Warner Music Philippines. The band is made up  Ace Libre (vocals/keyboards), Zachary Riskin (bass), PJ La Viña (drums) and JP Del Mundo (guitars).
To let you know more about their music here are some of their videos:
So why do I love them? Uhm, at first I don't seriously.. their Moving Closer song was a good one but initially it wasn't to striking for me to get to know the band behind it. But the twist happened when I watched Rico Blanco's gig at 70's Bistro where they actually performed as a front act. And since then, I fell in love with their music. Their music is fresh and edgy.

My personal favorite NTS song is "Bago Mahuli Ang Lahat" and here's a live version of it played at 70's Bistro:
And here's the official video of "Bago Mahuli Ang Lahat"
*You know what? One big bonus is the featured actor on the music video. He is one of my favorite, a kind person and Cinema One Originals 2012 Best Actor, Mr. Alex Medina. Woohooo!

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Grab a copy of their self-titled album, out in all leading recordbars nationwide of physical copies. It is also available in digital formats through iTunes. Buy original music.. Stop piracy... Love OPM! :)

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