Juan Dela Cruz: Character Guide

Just as our newest action-serye unravel its beginning tonight, I would like to give a quick character guide to let us know more of the great main casts of Juan Dela Cruz... the biggest and grandest tv series this 2013!

Coco Martin as Juan Dela Cruz
"Ang bagong hero ng buhay mo!"
He is the main protagonist. A hero that will fight the aswangs and prevent them in conquering humanity. He is 'astig' but he has a good heart. His life's main goal is to find the 'bakal na krus' that was stolen since he was young. The missing cross is the key to his true identity.
Juan is the destined 'tagabantay' (guardian) of the human race in the big fight against aswangs, but a conflict on its own is that he himself is a son of the king of aswangs. How will he fight against his biggest enemy if the aswang king is his only family left? Let's all join him on his action-packed adventures.
Erich Gonzales as Rosario Galang
She is Juan's lady love. A pretty but 'masungit' flower vendor from Dangwa. She was helped by Juan before since they were young and after 14 years they will meet again. Juan will soon find sparks of love and admiration for her.
Oh, more to her pretty and sweet face, she is an aswang-hunter! Rosario is an adopted child, we will soon discover her mysterious past. Watch out for her and her kilig moments with Juan!
Albert Martinez as Samuel Alejandro
He is the king of aswangs. Smart and powerful. He is hiding himself in a human form. He owned the most important businesses in the society. He was respected.
He has a big secret in the past, he fell in love to the 'tagabantay'... Amelia. Samuel is Juan's father.
Zsa Zsa Padilla as Laura Alejandro 
She is the aswang queen. Laura is a loving wife and mother.
She is protective of her family and their aswang race. She is the mother of Kael, the destined Anak ng Dilim.
Arron Villaflor as Kael Reyes
He was raised as the destined "Anak ng Dilim". The successor of the aswang king. He is the impulsive and proud son of Samuel and Laura.
Gina Pareno as Lola Belen 
Also called as "Loley". She was the sister of Father Cito who took care of Juan after the priest died. She is known as the best fortune-teller in Quiapo.
Neil Coleta as Asiong
A street kid that became Juan's best friend. Juan rescued him from a fight since childhood. He is Juan's sidekick.
Louise Abuel as Pikoy
He is the key for Juan to find the 'baka na krus'. A young boy who was rescued by Juan from an illegal syndicate. Pikoy is smart.
Joel Torre as Pepe
He is the leader of the 'Kapatiran', a group who fights against aswangs. He knows the origin of aswangs and he is aware of the history of tagabantay. He will train Juan in fighting to fulfill his role as a guardian.
John Medina as Agustin
He is the informant of the Kapatiran. Agustin is trusted by Pepe and is serving as a right-hand man to him. He is doubting Juan's capacity and capability in being the next tagabantay.
Lotlot De Leon as Cora Galang
She is standing as Rosario's mother. She is her main confidant. Cora was the one giving Rosario comfort as a loving mother.
William Lorenzo as Ben Galang
He is Rosario's protective and a bit strict father. He doesn't like Juan Dela Cruz for his daughter because of his bad reputation in the society.
Also part of the cast are:
Mylene Dizon as Amelia - Juan's mother. A tagabantay who fell in love to the king of aswangs.
James Blanco as Emil - He is Laura's brother. He is doubting Samuel's leadership as a king. He is the first one to discover that Juan is the next tagabantay and that he has the 'bakal the krus' in possesion.
MC as Queenie - Laura's fashion stylist.
Jaime Fabregas as Father Cito - the good priest who took care of Juan when he was still young. He was the one who taught the foundation values of Juan in life.
Izzy Canillo as Young Juan - the playful, temperemental and clumsy young Juan.

An astounding ensemble of actors and actresses!
DO NOT MISS Juan Dela Cruz starting tonight, right after TV Patrol on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida!

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