Cloudfone Thrill 430x: A review from a user.

Hey everyone! Before we get too deep with my phone review, I just wanted to clear out that I am not a tech-blogger but I badly wanted to be one! Hahaha! Seriously though, I am a techie person by heart. I kinda worked in a call center for a telecommunications company and I am thrilled to be doing a review of a newly launched phone... So, let's go? :)
CLOUDFONE THRILL 430X is the newest addition to our pool of phone models available now in the market. So many phones boasting with different features right? But what makes Cloudfone Thrill 430x stand out? Yes, you got that right, it is the "3x more powerful" battery that gives the "wow" factor of this phone..

Cloudfone launched this Thrill 430x that is said to be the answer to the biggest problem of most smartphone users now, power. The battery juice of a smart phone mostly cannot keep up to how we can use it. More than just calling and texting, we are in a generation where we can already use our phone for almost everything... We are using phones now as a camera to take photos, to get in touch in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, phones are also used for gaming, can be an alarm, a flashlight, a calendar, even a TV at times.. and a lot of apps can be downloaded right through our phones! But I know that you will all agree, everything is useless if the phone has low battery power.
The Cloudfone Thrill 430x launching party was held at Prive Luxury Club in BGC last Feb. 12, hosted by the ever fab Ms. Gelli Victor. The launch is focused about living "the full life" with Cloudfone. A super fun launch indeed!
PhoneCo Mobile Technologies Inc. president Mr. Erik Yu said that “We are pushing the boundaries as far as technology goes because we believe that the Filipino deserves no less than the best.” and in attempt to be the solution to the common problem of the smart users, they innovated a phone that has a battery life that is 3x longer than other smart phone competitors. Its a relief in always trying to look for an electric socket just to plug in your mobile phone.
Xian Lim also joined the event as the new face of Cloudfone. He indeed is an effective endorser. Xian loves Cloudfone. He testified that with his busy life, he needs a reliable phone. He said that he remembered using the phone in an out-of-town taping and it stayed "on" for 4 days! Awesome!

So what is the real deal?
Features and Specs:
•Dual SIM functionality
•Android OS 4.0 ICS
•8MP AF camera with dual LED flash
•2MP front facing camera
•Snapdragon 1.2ghz dual core processor
•ROM 4gb+RAM 768mb
•Bluetooth 3.0
•Wifi and wireless hotspot capability
•4.3" IPS QHD capacitive touchscreen
•Expandable memory up to 32GB
•GPS w/ aGPS support

•Dimension: 123 x 68 x 14.2 mm

•the biggest battery out amongst smartphones: 4160mAh Polymer battery which is actually almost 80% size of the phone!

SRP: 7, 777 Php (only!)
A budget-friendly SRP that gives all these features is definitely a SURE WIN! Speaking of winning, the launching event of the phone itself is such a blessing for me, personally. They gave away a few units of Thrill 430x and I was one of the few who got a phone! Yeah right, I actually tweeted with the hashtag #CloudFoneThrill430x and got picked by a randomizer, and there goes a free phone! (thank you Cloudfone)

Here are some photos of my new phone:
Since I was able to take home an actual phone model, I actually had the chance to use it and fall in love with it! To confess, I am a massive phone user, (or should I say "phone abuser"?) I do a lot with my phone. I always carry it everywhere. I am a social media enthusiast, I am actually a netizen in the cyber world, so forgive me, but I maintain everything through my phone since it's the most handy way to do it.

To tell you, my previous phone, a well-known brand, can't keep up with me. Don't get me wrong, it was a great phone with all it's features and stuff but with a fully-charged battery it only lasts for an average of 4-5hrs with me. And that's what I hate the most. All the fancy and fab features will be rendered USELESS without power. But with Thrill 430x, I can do more and get more with my phone!

The PROs:
•The price is mind-blowing!
• It runs with Android OS, and I am an Android lover, so it was a great catch.
•The touch screen is fair and good to me, never had a problem (so far).
•The processor and memory is way impressive for it's price value.
•Playing music and video is all good with great sound and crisp display.
•A competitive smartphone that has a user friendly interface and it functions well with apps (so far)
   -So we are talking about the Thrill 430x's battery life since the start of this post, now here's an actual screen shot of my battery status as a phone abuser:
I was SHOCKED! and overly IMPRESSED by the battery performance, from the norm of 5hrs compared to 1 day and 16hrs (and more), it exceeded my expectations. I can imagine if I will not be an abuser, I am positive that the phone can even last 3 days or so on standby! This was used up with all the data usage, gaming and everything! WOW!

The CONs:
•It's kinda bulky & heavy, understandable because of the enormous Polymer battery. (I'm not complaining.)
•There were pre-installed apps that are non-sense and useless (for me)
•The back cover is tight and too secured, it's hard to get off (I dunno if that is a con, but it is for me.)
•I have a better camera with my previous phone, seriously. The autofocus is slow. And the camera needs a lot of tweaks for you to get a good shot. But it's not a big problem though.

The bulkiness won't hinder your phone enjoyment. I can go out and stay out without worrying that my phone is gonna die. So if you are still thinking twice in getting this phone, DON'T! The Cloudfone Thrill 430x is affordable, A LEGIT DEAL! Go grab one and experience for yourself!
Ratings: 8/10

*Wait, I heard your question.. "Where to buy?"
-Oh that one is easy.. It is already available for purchase on malls, cell phone dealers and local online stores like ZALORA. You might as well check other Cloudfone units like their Excite series and other Thrill models. They also offer a tablet series called, CloudPad.

Special thanks to Geiser Maclang, Zalora and Cloudfone!

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  1. it has a VGA front camera not 2MP miss. :D

    1. They have upgraded it to 2MP..:) Before the launch it was only VGA..

  2. Nice review from a user.
    It's nice to know that it has 2MP front cam.
    Any actual photos using thrill 430x? - gypsygreece

  3. I managed to squeeze 8 days with light-moderate usage but my phone is rooted and equipped with battery saving CPU tweaks.
    Here's an actual HDR photo using my 430x

    Please join our 430x FB group :


  4. Hi my cloudfone thrill 430g, i would like to ask if you know how to reset the mobile data statistic... it has a data limit every using a smart sim prepaid.


  5. my cloudfone is dead wont open.

  6. paano ba mawala yung sound nung camera?