Apoy Sa Dagat is highly crafted for quality and class on TV!

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Apoy Sa Dagat aired their pilot episode last night and i bet everyone will agree that ABS-CBN has yielded another masterpiece. Truly, another top-caliber drama series exploded for the very first time last night. Congratulations to everyone behind Apoy Sa Dagat, to all the actors, staff and crew!
I had the chance to be a part of a chit-chat with the directors and the creative heads of ASD and I was more than happy as the beautifully-crafted show unveiled for everyone to see and witness. Direk FM Reyes together with direk Nick Olanka, sir Henry Quitain, the head writer and some staff. It was more of an honor and privilege to learn a lot from them. More than just being an audience, I am enlightened on how they are putting on all their efforts and hard work just to offer us quality and class on free TV.

Direk FM said that when the project was given to him, he was in awe of the storyline. He said that the beauty of ASD lies on the story and the characters. It is indeed a sexy teleserye but more to being sexy, they do believe that it will be the unpredictable story and the flawed characters are the factors that we will all learn to love as the series goes on.  They are proud that their material was brilliantly-stitched and  was said to be different than any other drama series we have seen before.
The Apoy Sa Dagat creative team heads were all praises to their actors for the said series. They were saying that everyone in the cast has given out emotions needed by each characters. The main casts executed beyond amazing portrayals coming from their very own director.
Angelica Panganiban is playing a dual character, wherein the creative heads specifically stated that they didn't came to the point of changing one character apart from the other physically. Angelica did so well in differentiating the characters of Serena and Rebecca by the way she moves or talks. "Yung taping nyan, Monday..Serena, Wednesday... Rebecca.. Friday... Serena.. Sunday.. loka-loka na sya.." (laughs) direk FM said as he explained on how they sequenced the taping for Angelica in the series. They were all giving testimonies on how Angelica Panganiban  is one unparalleled actress of our generation.
Diether Ocampo and Piolo Pascual, on the other hand, are also two of the most impressive actors in the showbiz industry. Direk FM said that Diet's character was too dark at the beginning but we will all learn to love and empathize to Anton Lamayre as the story unravel. Papa P plays as Ruben Manubat, a weak-headed fisherman who loves Serena purely. The two hunks also shelled out some great acting showdown in this drama.

I am totally excited more so to see more of Apoy Sa Dagat. Completing the casts are Angel Aquino, Aiko Melendez, Sylvia Sanchez, Perla Bautista, Liza Lorena, Freddie Webb, Melai Cantiveros, Eric Fructuoso, Regine Angeles, Bryan Santos and Mikaila Ramirez.

This series has a massive exerted effort from everyone behind the camera and everyone in front as well. Nonetheless as viewers it is for us to see how wise we are by analyzing the serye we watch not just judging it. More so, this quality and class that Apoy Sa Dagat offers is for all of us to enjoy on free TV.

Watch APOY SA DAGAT every weeknights after Ina Kapatid Anak on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida!

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  1. I always watch this teleserye and habang tumatagal eh gumaganda lalo ang kwento.