A novel for the season of love: Para Sa Hopeless Romantic

Looking for a gift to give this Valentine's season? Are you a hopeless romantic? A quick suggestion, go and grab a copy of Marcelo Santos III's "Para sa Hopeless Romantic" novel and share the love this heart's day!

Marcelo Santos III is a known blogger, writer, film maker, graphic artist, speaker, and a famous social media personality. He started to be acclaimed in social media since 2009 when he started writing stories for his youtube LSOV (love stories on video) which went on to be appreciated by his followers. He had ventured in releasing "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" a collection of love stories that will relate to personal life and will inspire and give lessons of the heart. There are two versions of the book:
So, this season of love, share the goodness of this novel, feel the love and romance by heart. Indulge into the beautifully crafted stories written by Marcelo! You can check his website: http://marcelosantosiii.com/ and follow him on Twitter: @akoposimarcelo for more information about his book!

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