Princess and I - A BIG Fight for Gino and Mikay (KathNiel blog special)

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Last January 14, a request came in through my email to create a blog post for Princess and I's nearing finale. And since I love the show too, I came up collaborating to some of the show's loyal viewers. This is a #KathNiel special feature. Our loved royal teleserye is now down to it's last week, and I have been communicating with some PAI fans thorugh social networking sites and somehow collected a good count of their POVs, comments and reactions about the show. This is a step for them to be heard.

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Let me start this with my own POV...
I may not have been given the chance to watch each and every night of Princess and I due to my schedule for work and blogging, but I can say that I have been a part of the long journey of Mikay, Gino, Jao and Kiko. And for me personally, I want Mikay to be with the "right" one. The princess has endured life's blows and hits, I believe that she deserved only the "right" one. No offense to Jao and Kiko who had tried their part in showing their bursting love for Mikay, but Gino is still the one I am rooting for. From the start he has always been my personal pick for Mikay. He has proven worthy for the love of the princess in his own share of sacrifices. He had been doing his best all for his undying and unconditional love. I am a KathNiel supporter by heart. I may not be too showy but I am extremely admiring Kathryn and Daniel individually as young achievers in the showbiz industry and I am looking forward to more of their success. Princess and I has been one of the most remarkable TV series as it continues to receive massive support from all the fans! PAI has always been talked about, evidently it was trending almost everyday on twitter and other social networking sites. On a personal note: Khalil, Kiko, has fulfilled his role as being the best 'bestfriend' one can ever have. Enrique, Jao, has been pushing in a big/close fight for Mikay's heart against Gino. I understand his character, and I know he has a good heart. (I also admire Enrique as one of the greatest young actors of this generation) For me, he may be the one, but he can never be the "right" one. Well, it will still be all up to Mikay... I just hope she makes the "right" decision... but for me, it's MiGi all the way!
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Here are some twitter POVs from some KathNiel friends:


"@MsMightyMau: Last 3 weeks of #PrincessAndI.. para kanino kaya si Mikay? :)" PARA DUN SA TAONG LAGING NASA TABI NYA AT DI SYA INIWAN. #GINO

PORDALAB ‏(@solidnpagma2hal)
@MsMightyMau yung feeling na hindi ka siguro na magiging MIGI ang ending at first pero wishing and hoping sila talaga. #PrincessAndI
@MsMightyMau kakaiba yung twist ng lovestory ng #PrincessAndI kasi sa iba sure ka na si ganito ganyan ang ending, dito iba eh. :))))
Shamee ♥ ‏(@shameanne)
@MsMightyMau Well I think, that part where Mikay fell for Jao out of nowhere ruined what couldve been a beautiful plot, ending included.
@MsMightyMau Mikay falling for Jao (she became insensitive to Gino's feelings) before had me thinking she will never deserve Gino.
@MsMightyMau But for the love of KathNiel, team Gino-Mikay pa rin! :)

Lucy Villamar ‏(@Lucy_KathNiel26)
@MsMightyMau Kung kailan pinapalaya ni GIno si Mikay dun niya pa narealize na mahal na niya si Gino.....

karla alaiza akiatan ‏(@imkarlaalaiza)
@MsMightyMau mikay and gino should end up together and will live happly ever after.!!

•MiGiTillTheEnd (‏@CarlylePorillo)
@MsMightyMau #TeamGINOLoudAndProud Maraming pinagdaanan na ng storya ng MiGi sana naman sila ang EndGame.

Patrick Jay Cope ® (‏@thePatrickCope)
@MsMightyMau Kaming magkakapatid ay naniniwala na si Gino lang ang Prince Charming at Knight in Shining Armor ni Mikay. #ParaKaninoSiMikay
@MsMightyMau Sa pagtatapos ng PAI, ito na marahil ang most bashed teleserye AND most praised teleserye dahil sa KathNiel at KathQuen!

Ba at Potpot ‏(@zurimotokaKN)
@MsMightyMau Mikay is for Gino!! :)) <3 #TeamGinoMikay
chuechaii uu ‏(@chuechaiiuu)
@MsMightyMau 2 weeks nLang un !! biLis nMan !

Dasho Yuan (‏@DJFPAgents)
@MsMightyMau Our opinion? It's as simple as: we want Gino and Mikay to be together in the end because Gino really showed what it is to love.

•♥Aices Jannae♥ ‏@guroxx101
@MsMightyMau I really like how the story runs between Mikay and Gino. past epi. may not be that good but I trust the staffs. #TeamGinoMikay
Odessa Benaning (@looniestlove)

MY POV FOR PRINCESS AND I in Tonight's Episode

While I was watching the Princess and I episode tonight I cannot help but make my own POV again..

Jao - he is now torn between this love for Mikay and His Love for his mother and for the entire silangan people. He is now in the verge of backing out. What Salve told him made him re-think of which side he is on. The said conversation of Salve and Jao made him believe in the strong love he has for Areeyah. That said conversation gave him hope in the sense of his love for her. If he would hear her say No to his question he sould surely back out from the plan of the silangan and go with her but, if she would say YES that would be the end of it and THE WAR ARC WOULD PUSH THROUGH

Mikay - She is in the moment of letting Jao Go...she wants to bring back the kind of friendship the three of them once shared. But at the same time she is also fighting for the promise she made to Gino.

She wants to give Gino the assurance that she is really standing up to her promises to him when Gino asked her hand. But at the same time she is also holding back something because of what Gino is doing to her. She said that she would not hurt Gino's Feelings anymore and she is trying to live with that but in the expense of hurting herself along the process.

She is hurting inside knowing that Gino is now slowly pulling away form her. She fears of loosing Gino, which is why she is doing what ever she can so that, she can give him the reason to stop being cold to her, she wants to assure him that she is sticking up with him no matter how rude or cold he may get. But since she is very insensitive she is not aware that the only thing that can assure Gino is by her saying I LOVE YOU GINO.

That is the only word he wants to hear but still she cannot give it to him. For the Reason that she still did not have any formal closure with Jao. Now she is facing a dilemma on how to save their friendship with Jao and her relationship with Gino.

Gino - He is now ready to let Mikay Go. He is sticking to his plans of breaking up with her gently he so that he would not get hurt anymore.

But no matter how hard he keeps on fighting his feelings for her. Deep inside he is still hoping that MIKAY WOULD FINALLY SAID I LOVE YOU TO HIM and stops him from going. He somehow longs to hear her assurance to him.

THE WORD I LOVE YOU GINO would somehow seal the deal for him and if that happens he would quickly forget his plans and stop being cold to Mikay. He is hurting her but he is also becoming too insensitive for her feelings. But I cannot blame him because of all the things he has been through. The Song I LOVE YOU GOODBYE, would somehow some up what Gino is feeling for her. He loves her but at the same time he thought he has to let go of her.

He is doing what ever he can just so that she can finally let go of him and gives him the freedom he now longs. But what he does not know is that she does not want to let him go.

Why Would Mikay Does Not Want To Let Gino Go?

It is simple she already loves him. He has now become a big part in her life which is why she cannot just let go of him that easily. She knows that if she would let him go she would not be able to see him again.

That is the kind of fear she does not want to happen. She Loves him, and wants to fight for him but she cannot fully do that unless she has a closure with Jao.

She is very worried that their friendship has already gone and things cannot go back to what it was then which she secretly hoping for, so she wants to make sure that before they go back to Yangdon everything is already settled between the three of them. So she can fully love GINO the way he wants to and the way she wants to as well.

She wants to make him happy and serve him the way she can. She wants to be with him, to love him, comfort him and assure him.
•And here is a special tumblr blog from Aileen M Mendoza ‏(@eilyn510) that contains her POVs of Princess and I check it too:

*They are just a few of the so called "MAJORITY" who always trends MiGi on twitter. Seems like hard core supporters of the show has a lot to say. Mikay and Gino fans are shouting out loud... We want MIGI for endgame!


-BIG THANKS to all of the KathNiel fans who contributed their insights about the show... thank you for patiently waiting on this blog post... sorry it came out late than what I expected... Thank you to Mich Leano (TeamGino/Pads ‏@IamMich26 on twitter) for reaching out to me regarding this special requests... to all KathNiel fansclub and supporters who continuously Re-tweeted and Favorited my tweets regarding this project.. I owe it to you as well... (KaDreamersWorld, Solid_KathNiels, KathNielSpikers and even Kathryn's and Daniel's individual fan groups... everyone across the world.. you guys are too many to mention but..thank you) I am grateful for your support to me and your undying love and support to KathNiel as well! Cheers to all of us! May Kathryn and Daniel be more successful in their respective careers, and I'm wishing all the best to their fans!

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  1. Thank you for this! KathNiel/MIGI all the way. ^_^

  2. THANK YOU!!!! MIGI FTW! :))))

  3. MIkayGIno forever!
    sarap panoorin paulit2 lovestory nila

    kung walang kath walang dj
    kung walang dj walang kath!

    they both work together as a pair and natural na natural talaga!! sana forever na to! :D

    1. their chemistry brings out the best in them :)

  4. thank you very much for this Miss Mau :) We truly appreciate it :)

  5. hi! this is awesome! thank you for this blogpost and oh, Happy KathNiel Day to you :D

    1. thank you as well... happy kathniel day too! :)

  6. Who needs a Prince albeit perfect in manners, lacks the braveness, boldness and willingness to fight and forever defend the Princess like the Knight? Team MIGI forever! Team Knight-in-Shining Armour!

  7. Wow Thank you Ms. Mighty Mau, I'm @looniestlove, thank you for including my POV in your blogspot. I really do appreciate that you have somehow fine my POV, suitable for this blog of yours.

    From The Bottom OF MY HEART, A HEARTFELT GRATITUDE I'm just so happy right now...*teary eyed* hehe



    1. You are welcome! Thank you for taking effort in sending your own POV for this blog... a big contribution indeed! Cheers! :)

  8. Thank you for a wonderful blog especially for us solid Mikay-Gino fans! Gino really deserves to be the happy ending at maraming salamat dahil nagbigay po kayo ng time for this. Solid MiGi, Solid KathNiel! <3

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    #TeamConfident :">

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    1. hoping to meet you too! your tumblr blog is promising too! thank you for sharing it! :)

  11. this is WOW :) super thank you Mis Mau for letting people know that you Rooting Gino for Mikay as we do.

    We will fight for this untill the end...#TeamGinoMikay All the Way.

  12. Thankyou so much Ms.Mau for this! we owe you a lot. thankyou because you want us to be heard we really appreciate that..I love your POV! "He had been doing his best all for his undying and unconditional love" "He may be the one (Jao)but he can never be the right one" <----- I agree! :)thankyou for supporting MiGi/KathNiel! :)

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating this blog post. :)

  13. this is amazing, you some up all our thoughts at once. Indeed, Mikay and Gino are meant to be, no matter how many times they say goodbye to each other, fate will come in the way, just to say hello again. Abs gave us an Epic Modern Fairy tale story. MIGI all the way. Hoping for a Royal Wedding at the end. :)

  14. salamat po for loving Dj and Kath. we couldnt be more blessed to have an addition to our group who supports them. gbu po. and more KN KVs as we continue the journey with them.

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  16. this article is amazing! this made me more confident that miGi will be the end game!

  17. i will comment about PAI for the last time kasi im just soo disappointed. hindi ko sinimulan 'tong series na 'to but as ive said in one my posts here, i was hooked because of Jao and Mikay's lovestory. As a response to this post (via FB), let me give my last sentiments about this series -- which by the way, i really hate now because i honestly wasted so much time following this wala naman palang magandang ending..high hopes ako pero hay...
    "if i may comment one last time about this series, i feel sorry for "love" itself because this story better when it started but ended worse than i expected...i feel sorry for love itself because the series didnt teach the good thing about being in love but showed how foolish it could be most of the time and still wins...and lastly i feel sorry for love itself because it doesnt win when money talks..tama *** sabi sa isang forum this story can be forgotten just like that because the effect wont be lasting..if only they ended it justifiably for jao and mikay not because they were enrique and kathryn but simply because they were jao and mikay...and the story was theirs and yangdon's and not daniel and kathryn's. ang sakit sa puso ng teleseryeng ito hindi dahil nakakatouched sya, masakit sya sa puso kasi punong puno ng disappointment and frustration...sana hindi ko na lang sya pinanuod in the first place...buti pa kayo dito, you're really fans of one, if not all of the leads, ako kasi i was after the story so it was really disappointing to see it end differntly simply because the original love team wasnt as strong as the other...i feel bad for enrique too, it was his but lost it to daniel...ang tanda tanda ko na sa mga ganitong comments really..tatawanan siguro ako ng mga kaibigan ko kapag nalaman nilang kumokoment ako dahil sa princess and i pero i just cant help but react for selfish reasons inabangan ko kasi ng bongga 'to kahit alam kong pang teens 'to...again, i was actually hooked because of mikay and jao's story and not because of any of the lead stars..saka i feel really bad for enrique...sobrang underdog nya for a talent to be wasted or killed like that kasi mas malakas ang appeal ni daniel kesa sa kanya...tama *** mga sinasabi sa forum, sana kahit itong series na lang na 'to naging consistent na lang sa totoong takbo ng story, si jao at mikay at yangdon--sobrang unforgettable siguro..parang crazy little thing called love lang..simple pero nakakatuwa, magaan sa puso, *** mapapangiti ka kapag naalala mo...ganito ko kasi nakita *** princess and i nuon pero as it progressed, it got complicated and worse, bumaliktad lahat in favor of the other camp. gagawa naman pala sila ng bagong teleserye at movie para kay daniel and kathryn, sana binalato na lang nila ito kay jao and enrique..i also agree to most mature viewers that choosing gino to end with mikay only portrays the kind of love and attitude they would like the youth of today to follow and idolize - which is "isipin lagi ang sarili at gawin ang lahat para makuha ang gusto para sa sarili-regardless kung kelangan isakripisyo ang magulang and at 17 yrs old!"..Gino, with all due respect was at good one point or another but jao, in many ways even in his baddest attitude overthrew gino many times over...this series lacked consistency all because they needed to attend to popularity and commercialism..sad fate i would say...and even sadder for the writers because they lost their control in their craft.."

  18. so far PAI is the most markable teleserye for me!!!very nice ending and it really captured my heart!!!thanks ms mau!!!