Oh5: Things I love about Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino

*Things I love about Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino*
Two of the hottest and most in-demand actors of today, Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino gets an Oh5! Let me share 5 things I love about these two gorgeous guys..

Sam Milby:
Since he joined Pinoy Big Brother last 2005, he has been a crowd favorite. Now far from being just a housemate, Sam Milby is one of our most acclaimed leading man of today. Here's what I like about him:

1. His Clark Kent look.
- He looks overly dashing with his eyeglasses. As shown in the photo above which I took from the grand presscon of his newest show Kahit Konting Pagtingin, Sam looks like the Pinoy version of Clark Kent. I even tried to look for a telephone booth nearby... hahaha! But seriously, for me, I like it when he looks nerdy! :)
2. His positive outlook in life and his transparency.
- I heard him said in an interview with some friends from the press that he believes that we should maintain a positive outlook in life. He said, "dapat positive tayo parati, para lahat din positive sa buhay natin, di ba?". He is also genuinely transparent. He was asked by press people about Angeline Quinto and if there is a chance that he will fall for her. He answered, "ayoko i-mislead yung mga tao, Angeline and I are good friends." I was nodding in affirmation on what he said. Misleading people just for show is not good and he is one of the people who knows it by heart. And that marked to me as a person.
3. I like it when he speaks Tagalog.
- He is such a charmer every time he speaks Tagalog/Filipino. He has a cute accent and a twist on words. He admits that he is still learning the language and is not that proficient on it yet but he is still an effective speaker.  It is kinda funny, he still doesn't know some words like: sisid (dive). But Sam really is improving in Tagalog. He tries to communicate with our home language as much as he can. A+ for the effort Sam! :)
4. The shape of his nose.
- I dunno. I can't explain this much, but I really like the shape of his nose. :)
5. I like his voice especially when singing.
- Sam is a singer. He released some albums and already had hit singles. I like his deep and manly singing voice. He is a born performer. I am lucky to have a chance to see him perform live. He got me on this one. :)
Video: Sam Milby singing Wherever You Will Go

Paulo Avelino
He was originally from Starstruck, an artista search from Kapuso Network. He transferred to ABS-CBN and is now a full-pledged Kapamilya. He is 2012's breakthrough artist when he remarkably portrayed the role of Nathan from the phenomenal teleserye "Walang Hanggan". Now with his blooming career, let me share what I love about Paulo:

1.His neat boy-next-door haircut.
- After his antagonist role as Nathan, he is now back in a good-boy look for  his newest TV kilig-serye Kahit Konting Pagtingin. He is now neat and fresh with his new hairdo! He has a light aura now than when he was still in Nathan's character. Paulo became cuter than ever! :)
2. It's so easy to take a picture of him.
- As a blogger, photos are really a big part of my resource and material on any blogcons/presscons and by far, Paulo has been one of the most accommodating artist when it comes to picture taking. It has been so easy to call out for him to grace photo ops. At the photo above, you'll see how Sam and Angeline Quinto are looking elsewhere while Paulo's eyes are directly aiming at my camera. I thank him for making it easier for me.
3. His smile.
- As I have said, he always makes it easier for me in taking photos of him. Mind you, Paulo is photogenic. His smile carries it. His cuteness overflows every time he strikes a smile.
4. He is humble.
- Paulo Avelino is humble as I have figured when he was asked on how does he feel that he is one of the most sought after leading actor of this generation. He answered that he doesn't let the fame it to get him. He said that he is doing his best to improve and be better in his craft. Paulo said, "ayoko ring masyadong magsink-in sakin.. kasi ayoko rin pong magbago yung personality ko kasi nakakalamon nga naman ang fame.. hindi ko dinidibdib sa sarili ko na isa akong sikat na actor." A very well said response!
5. He's nervous and shy but he is a good singer too!
On the grand presscon of Kahit Konting Pagtingin, they made it a sing-along event. Sam and Angeline are known singers, while Paulo said that he was nervous because it was his first time to sing for the press. He sang a Parokya ni Edgar hit and I appreciated it. He is not like Christian Bautista or Erik Santos, but hey, the dude has a singing voice. He sounds in tune and he shouldn't be nervous. He is a recording artist! His album is out for sale in leading record bars nationwide! I am personally impressed with him singing that I even tweeted him. I was surprised when he tweeted back:
Anyways, here is a taste of Paulo's talent in singing:
Video: Paulo singing Gitara

Watch them both on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida's Kahit Konting Pagtingin which will air this January 28, 2013 before TV Patrol. Sam Milby is Adam and Paulo is Lance, joining them is Angeline Quinto as Aurora in a wacky tale of love. A light kilig-serye that will surely get us hooked every weeknights!

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  1. Wow, nice review about Paulo..I've been a fan since he was still in GMA, and m,ay I say that he really has leaped far from what he is before. In GMA, yes I know he acts very well. He made good chemistry with his pairs. His facial expressions were clear. But when he transfered in ABS-CBN, I can see a totally more Paulo Avelino. He acts more than what the directors would expect.. In tears and in laughter, it is 100 % turn. Tears flow like river in his eyes and his laughter and smile is like a truck of diamonds. He's now one of the best actors ever to list. Truly a breakthrough actor.. I just hope ABS would give him roles which could test more of his acting skills, roles that is more than a Nathan to the audiences.. :)

  2. Thank you as well for taking time in reading my blogpost! He indeed is one of the most promising star. I do agree with what you said. His versatility in acting should be showcased and ABS-CBN got him in good hands! :) cheers!