Oh5! 2012 Year-ender TOP PICKS: Most Promising Acts

Most Promising Acts
-For me, they are acts to look forward to this up coming year of 2013. They are acts who have impressed me this year and with that I think they made me believe that they deserve to make it big. Let's see who's on the list:

#5: Gracenote 
(photo credit: http://sphotos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/229869_10150876486152283_1029601998_n.jpg)
•I personally fell in love with this band when I discovered that they were playing "Paramore" songs and when I heard Gracenote's rock cover of the classic "When I Dream About You". I simply love them! They recently released an EP entitled "First Movement". By the way, go and check out their single "Pwede Ako" feat. Kean Cipriano! I am looking forward for a bigger year for Gracenote. Go grab a copy of their EP! :)

#4: KZ Tandingan
(photo credit: http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/560595_358576837531470_2049885685_n.jpg)
• The grand winner of the very first X Factor Philippines is 4th on my "most promising" list. She definitely got the talent, so might as well take a look on how she slowly but surely blooms to be a true diva. I am a fan of singing competitions on TV and I have watched a few of her performances and I rooted for her on X Factor. KZ Tandingan is a sweet girl too. Go KZ! :)

#3: Sef Cadayona
•Sef Cadayona is on the 3rd spot! I loved him since he emerged from Starstruck V last 2009 and he has been a mainstay of GMA7 until today. You might find him familiar too with his signature TV Ad for Selecta Cornetto. I included him as one of the "most promising" because I have seen him showcased his talent in acting more this year than the past. He was seen in TV shows like Alice Bungisngis and Together Forever; and on the latter part of the year he also exposed himself to indie films like "Slumber Party" and "Gayak". I am hoping for the spotlight to hit Sef this coming year. He is one of the best dancer I have ever seen. The way he grooves will just take you away, catch his moves every Sunday in Party Pilipinas. Sef really is a good actor, more to just playing supporting roles, I am wishing for more career success for him this 2013! I ♥ Sef!

#2: Mara Lopez
(photo credit: http://sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/35652_477608832282547_598432949_n.jpg)
•The Survivor Philippines castaway Mara Lopez is my Top Pick #2 for this list. She has exposed herself to the world of local indie films. She was already critically acclaimed by winning as the best actress for Cinema One Originals 2012 in the movie "Palitan". I am excited to see more of her raw but sparkling talent. Congratulations Mara! You deserved the award! Cheers for more on 2013! :)

#1: RK Bagatsing
•Slumber Party's Phi is my Oh5 Top Pick #1 for the most promising act of 2012! Woohoo! RK had captivated me with his performance in the said film as he portrayed a gay role. He made me believe in his bursting talent on his debut film! He may also look familiar to y'all because he is in a Benadryl One TV commercial too. RK is a personal favorite. I want to see more of him on movies and hopefully on TV too. He got the looks and the talent, he needs exposure! I also loved his personal wit and humor. I know RK will go far and as early as now, I am already a fan. Well wishes for you dearest Khino this coming 2013! :)

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