Oh5! 2012 Year-ender TOP PICKS: Love Teams ♥


•The Love Teams that made me feel the KILIG this 2012 will be ranked! Let's see my most fave tandems of the year. This is my Oh5 list of "on-screen" tandems! Love, love love!

#5: John Lloyd Cruz - Bea Alonzo
The love team everyone had loved for the past 10 years made me love them all over again with the 2012 movie, "The Mistress". More to giving the kilig factor, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo has proven throughout the years that they were one of the best act of their generation. I admit, every time John Lloyd cries on some heartbreaking scenes, I feel like crying too! And Bea always shines on every role she was given to, very versatile! The John Lloyd-Bea tandem had a strong foundation and I believe that they are still here to stay for years and years!

#4: Coco Martin - Julia Montes
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•CocoJul was one of the most talked about love team of 2012. The phenomenal TV series "Walang Hanggan" has marked the start of this successful love team. Who would fail to fall with the eternal love of Daniel and Katerina? Their tandem has captivated the hearts of families watching and supporting their teleserye every night. Coco Martin and Julia Montes had displayed an on-screen chemistry that was loved and accepted by a lot of Pinoys. Coco is an amazing actor.  I love Coco's expressive eyes. Julia has proven her "leading lady" prowess. They truly compliment each other. :)

#3: Gerald Anderson - Kim Chiu
•Okay, 3rd on the list is the KIMERALD. Many of you may ask why, but even if I know that Kim Chiu is also in a current love team with the hottie papa Xian Lim (i love KimXi too! Xian is one of my faves.) and Gerald Anderson was also in a love angle with the Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo - they made it on my list because of their comeback stint on the movie "24/7 In Love". I support KIMERALD because I love them both individually. Even if they have other love teams I will still love them both because their PBB season was the only season I watched from start to end! Ge has grown into a Zac Efron level, seriously! Kim Chiu is the cutest, forever sweet, chinita princess! They may have grown both as actors but KIMERALD will always have a special place in my heart! Forever bokbok and poknat. Haha! :)

#2: Daniel Padilla - Kathryn Bernardo
•The TRENDING love team KATHNIEL holds my top 2! They are this generation's biggest tandem, it is evident with the successful projects they have together, 24/7 In Love, Princess and I and the MMFF highest-grossing film Sisterakas! I can't help to feel the kilig when I see them! Fresh, young love is what they offer! Kathryn Bernardo has been the cutest female childstar since then, but now, she has bloomed into a beautiful young lady. Her pretty face and sweet smile is always noticeable! Daniel Padilla on the other hand, is a certified teen heartthrob. Girls are screaming for him everywhere! DJ has his own style, "astig pero cute" look. This cutie is also a musician which has surprised me, very talented. The way Daniel looks at Kathryn is always heart melting! :)

#1: Mario Maurer - Erich Gonzales
•Top 1 on my list is the Thai-Pinay love team that I have massively supported this 2012, MarRich! Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales redefined kilig for me. To tell you honestly, I have watched their movie Suddenly It's Magic for about 7 times in the cinemas and I still watch it on DVD at home. I don't know, Mario and Erich really has a magic on me. The way Mario looks at Erich is ♥! Watching the Thai superstar and the Philippine sweetheart together on the big screen has left a big smile on my heart. They really look good together! Walang duda, bagay na bagay! We all know how gwapo Mario is. Obviously he is good-looking that words can't even describe! He is cute in whatever he does! Dancing, rapping, running shirtless chasing a buko, goofing around and smiling! Erich is the perfect choice for Mario's lady love on-screen! Erich defines Pinay beauty! When she cries, it is heart-breaking and when she smiles-it's contagious, you will be smiling too. I simply love Erich, whoever her partner is, or even alone, I support her! A beautiful person inside and out! Watch their film and be a witness of magic! Their tender moments on the movie will make you fall deeply in love! Best love team of 2012 for me! :)

More kilig moments on 2013 please? :)

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  1. Ms. Mau hahaha happy reading your blog. I think your a fan like us. We have this very big soft spot for Erich. We love her so much. When you discribe her, I really know what you feel because our feelings are mutuals.

    1. Yes! I am a fan!!! A big fan! :) Thank you for taking your time in reading dear! :)We all love ErichG! :)