Oh5! 2012 Year-ender TOP PICKS: Local Actor


•Let's take a closer look on the leading men of Philippine TV and movies! An Oh5 list to go for the finest, my Top Picks for local actor.. here ya go...

#5: Enrique Gil
•The teen heartthrob Enrique Gil is on #5. With his good looks, charming smile, dazzling eyes.. almost everyone can't help but like him. With our few personal encounters on presscons/blog cons, I must admit he is getting more and more gwapo. This year, through the movie Amorosa The Revenge, I came to realize that this young actor is more than just a cutie but he can really act! He has depth and character! He shined on that film for me. :)

#4: Coco Martin
(photo credit: http://sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/393005_302718146514174_1576831533_n.jpg)
•On primetime, Daniel conquered the TV sets of Pinoy homes. Coco Martin is really the Prince of Teleseryes! He is a remarkable actor! The Phenomenal TV series Walang Hanggan had dominated local TV ratings and I must say that I had been hooked too! I am looking forward as Coco Martin will soon be back on Primetime Bida, for Juan Dela Cruz as he is paired with the Drama Princess Ms. Erich Gonzales! Exciting!

#3: Daniel Padilla
•The most in demand teen star got my 3rd spot! Astig cutie Daniel Padilla, is one of the most successful young actor of today. He is loved by his fans, supported in every way! DJ has a strong charisma, especially on-screen, he knows how to make pa-kilig without even trying hard to. Adding up is his talent as a musician and a singer too. He is naturally sweet, the only one who looks like an astig, bad boy but his eyes and smile expresses all the goodness!

#2 Gerald Anderson and Enchong Dee
•Gerald Anderson is a favorite since PBB days. The young cutie teen before had turned out to be a dashing, fine man of today. Gerald Anderson has grown so much as an actor, in more depth and maturity. A Zac Efron type of a hunk. Gerald's eyes were really expressive.
•Enchong Dee is also on 2nd spot. Enchong is really a cutie. He is one of the few young actor who's wacky and crazy, yet makes him more lovable. One big reason why he is also on #2, is because I can feel Enchong is a good person. He's always keeping a positive outlook in life, an admirable trait. Enchong has also been a personal favorite with his remarkable performance on his 2012 soaps Maria la del Barrio and Ina Kapatid Anak.

#1: John Lloyd Cruz
•The ultimate leading man John Lloyd Cruz topped my list at #1. Greatness in acting is never an effort to John Lloyd. He is impressive in each and every way. His wit, humor, depth and sincerity comes out naturally every time! I love Lloydie. He never fails to move me with emotions. He is one of the best in both rom-coms and heavy drama! A star. An exceptional, unparalleled actor. I love you John Lloyd! Haha! :)

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