Meet Juan Dela Cruz's lady love... Rosario

The biggest action-serye Juan Dela Cruz is set to air its pilot episode this February 4, 2012. I already posted a blog entry on a closer look to Juan and the actor behind him, Coco Martin. Now, let me introduce you to Juan's lady love... Rosario, a character portrayed by the Philippine's sweetheart, Ms. Erich Gonzales.

Juan Dela Cruz will be smitten by Rosario, a simple and beautiful  flower vendor. Juan will be attracted to Rosario even if she is snob, grumpy and a bit harsh on him. Based on the full trailer of JDC, Juan and Rosario had an encounter since they were kids.
Rosario is gentle as she seems but we will also discover her character as a fierce and unyielding aswang-hunter. Erich is up to fight the evil race of aswangs and possibly help Juan along with his adventures.
But what if she find out the hidden truth that Juan also carries aswang blood through his veins. He is half-'tagapagbantay' and half-'aswang'. How far will love stand for them despite the rifts that fate and destiny have given? Will Rosario accept Juan's true identity?
Rosario is playing hard-to-get but will Juan's charm have an effect on her? According to Coco Martin, Juan's character is strong-willed when it comes to the matters of the heart, "si Juan kasi pwersahan... ang style nya parang liligawan kita, haharanahin kita, gagawin ko ang lahat para sa'yo..." he explained.

Here is a quick video on Coco Martin talking about Erich Gonzales on his recent solo press con for Juan Dela Cruz:
I strongly agree with their on-screen chemistry, I am excited on Coco and Erich's team up on TV. A big teleserye ahead with a great story, effects and cast; surely Juan Dela Cruz will mark TV history in the future! Coco and Erich are both dedicated with their crafts and I know they will execute a great performance in this up coming action-serye! They are two of the BEST acts of today and I strongly believe that both deserves only pure success in all of their endeavors.

So, this February 4, be sure to watch the premiere airing of Juan Dela Cruz on national TV on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida right after TV Patrol!

Be captivated by our newest modern day hero, Juan Dela Cruz!
Feel the 'kilig' that Rosario brings in to Juan's life soon... YUN OH! ;)
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