Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw: Character Guide

The teleserye that is bound to touch our hearts, Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw will start airing January 21, 2013 around 9PM in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.
Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw is a story of pure love, sacrifices for the family, fighting for ambitions, and protecting one's dignity. An exciting action-drama series will unfold that features three of the biggest names in showbiz as leads: Kris Aquino, Robin Padilla and Anne Curtis!

But just before we get so enticed by the beautifully-crafted drama series, let me take you on a quick main-cast character guide:
Ms. Kris Aquino as Roxanne Manrique
•An achiever. A workaholic. The favorite daughter, ever obedient and loving Roxanne sacrificed her own happiness for the longest time just because of her pure and unconditional love for her family. She is yearning for her freedom and the chance to be contented in life. What if she finds love and happiness with a man loved by her own sister? Is she willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her family or will she fight for her love this time around?
Anne Curtis as Ruth Manrique 
•Ruth's greatest dream is to become a famous model, the big problem is she doesn't get any support from her family. She is treated as the black sheep. Ruth is mostly annoying, alarming, problematic, hard and demanding to her family. She wanted love, support and attention, she will get it from a noble man, Bogs. She will fell for him, but on her fight for her ambition, she left Bogs to pursue her dreams in the US. She wanted to achieve something for herself and to be accepted by her own family. But what if her one chance for true love will be blown away because of pursuing her life's greatest dream?
Robin Padilla as Gregorio "Bogs" Dagohoy
•A brave and honorable policeman. He was in long search for justice for his father who was accused of a crime. He will be intertwined with the pretty and stunning troublesome lady, Ruth but his heart will be broken. Soon, he will find sparks of love with Roxanne, the loving sister of Ruth and the daughter of his hidden enemy. How will his heart fight the tides of fate?
Tirso Cruz III as Rodrigo Manrique
• The strict, iron-fisted and harsh father of Red, Ruth and Roxanne. He is a successful business man, owning a famed security agency. He is tough, but surely it is out of the love for his family. He will do everything just to bump-off Bogs into his family's life. He demands to eliminate his daughters' connections with Bogs. Rodrigo holds the key to reveal the truth that will straighten-out the accusations against Bogs' father.
Gloria Sevilla as Ester
•The loving mother of Bogs. She only approves to Roxanne for her son. Ester believes that Roxanne is the one for Bogs.
Ian Veneracion as Red Manrique
•The only son of Rodrigo Manrique, a protective brother to Ruth and Roxanne. He was striving hard to get his father's trust and attention. He escaped a big responsibility from his past.
Smokey Manaloto as Pogi
•Bogs' best friend/ batch mate. He is funny and trustworthy. He will fall for Apple.
Karla Estrada as Apple
•Roxanne's best friend. She is her shoulder to cry on and a confidante especially through down times.
Laureen Uy as Esmi
•Ruth's best friend. She supports Ruth in her dream of becoming a mainstream model.
Miles Ocampo as Precious
•The girly and "kikay" daughter of Bogs and Roxanne.
Marco Gumabao as Ian
•One of Precious' classmates, who secretly likes her.
Xyriel Manabat as Cherish
•The witty and smart youngest daughter of Bogs and Roxanne.

Now you know a little bit more of who they are. Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw is under the direction of Malu Sevilla/ Bb. Joyce Bernal. Don't miss its pilot episode this January 21, 2013 at 9pm. And hold on to the series weeknights on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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