Juan Dela Cruz is our newest modern-day hero!

After the massive phenomenal success of the dramatic TV series Walang Hanggan, the Prince of Teleserye Coco Martin is now back on a different attack! We all loved him as Daniel, this 2013, he is Juan Dela Cruz.
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Juan Dela Cruz is an action, fantasy, romantic, comedy, drama series that will introduce us to the newest modern-day hero who is set to fight against evil for mankind.

Coco Martin as Juan is a 'tagabantay' (guardian) of the human race, an aswang-slayer. He fights to save humans from our feared mthycal creature from old Filipino folklore: Aswang, the evil race of vampire-like, human-eaters and shape-shifters.
Juan fights with his 'bakal na krus' which changes into 4 different weapons: Espada ng Katapangan (sword) , Pana ng Karunu­ngan (bow and arrow) , Latigo ng Kataru­ngan (whip) at Sibat ng Kagitingan (spear). As he fights against the bad, his main struggle is hidden to him at first, Juan Dela Cruz is also half-aswang. His father is the king of Aswangs.
What will happen if he finds out that the family he's longing for, is also his biggest enemy. Juan is bound to choose between being good or bad. Coco's character is determined, loving, and funny. We will see his lighter side in this series. Juan also displays extra-ordinary non-human abilities by having aswang-blood. Now, Coco more than being an acclaimed dramatic actor, he will now take us on a big action-packed adventure in Primetime Bida. For me, one good thing about JDC is the aim of showcasing and imparting good Filipino life values, guided by faith in God. Coco Martin promised to try his best in being a good example to the youth.
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Initially a concept made for film which eventually developed to be fit as a big project for TV, JDC is the child-friendly offering of the Kapamilya network which is expected to expand in a big franchise. The series carries a big dedication poured by ABS-CBN, especially in financial terms. This was one of the biggest series to date. Shot in full HD under the direction of Malu Sevilla, we will be having a grip of watching cinema quality on TV. The story was also tailored to be running possibly in several seasons, it will also give us a rich story background for the Aswang myth from the Spanish era until the present time. The series is definitely under high-technology and will mark the future of Philippine TV experience.
The network is also wanting to release JDC in Asia, which leads them to the reason why Erich Gonzales was chosen to be the leading lady of Coco Martin. The management said that they wanted the Asian audience to see the Pinay beauty, not chinita or mestiza but a pure Filipina face.
Erich is the perfect fit, the Philippines sweetheart is now back on primetime! Juan will be smitten by the gentle and loving yet strong and fierce aswang-hunter, named Rosario. Ironically, Erich also played as the lead for 'Corazon Ang Unang Aswang', now she will be the one hunting aswangs in JDC. More than being just a pretty faced lady love, she is going to execute versatility in her action scenes. One of the greatest acts of today, Erich G is ready to give us a different side of her in JDC.
Erich and Coco's on-screen chemistry is well proven when they first paired-up for the indie film 'Noy'. For me, Coco's neat good boy looks and charm matches Erich's pure and stunningly simple beauty. Besides the fact that Erich can execute chemistry to any of the hottest leading men of today, Coco blends well with Erich on-screen, as evident to these trailer screen-caps:
Just by watching the trailer, I got overly excited. This is truly one of the seryes we will be proud of, truly Pinoy made! Juan Dela Cruz features an all-star cast including Albert Martinez, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Joel Torre, Gina Pareno, Louise Abuel, Lotlot de Leon, Neil Coleta, Arron Villaflor, Jaime Fabregas and Izzy Canillo. Watch the TV premiere of Juan Dela Cruz this February 4 on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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