Aryana says farewell… do not miss the last two weeks!

The fantaserye we all loved for the past 8 months is now down to its last two weeks of airing on TV. Aryana has been one of the most successful TV series of 2012 on its airing period; it has ousted 5 other shows from the rival network, while Aryana got bigger and stronger in ratings. The lead casts were present in their farewell presscon held last January 14 at ABS-CBN.

Ella Cruz, Aryana herself, admits that she will miss portraying her character. The fantaserye made Ella Cruz one of the leading teen stars of this generation. She is very thankful for the project and as the finale is fast approaching she admits that Aryana has changed her life. She said that it was one of her biggest breaks in showbiz. Changes like she met a lot of people, she is now home studying due to her busy schedule and she already have a condo somewhere near Q.C. so she don’t have to travel back and forth Bulacan when work requires her here. Now, she is looking forward for more challenging future projects that will come her way, and she said she is more than ready for it!
Pokwang was also noticed and acclaimed in her portrayal as Ofelia; Aryana’s loving mother. She was known to give viewers a great laugh as one of the premiere comedienne here in the Philippines. In Aryana, she marked as an amazing dramatic actress. She said that she accepted by heart Aryana’s character as her own child. Working with Ella, Pokwang said that they helped each other in terms of acting. Mamang Pokwang was even pushed into gentle tears when asked on her most favorite/memorable scene on the show, she said that it was when Tonton Gutierrez handed her out a bib of her supposed missing baby. She said that her tears on that particular scene was not from her character Ofelia, but already from Pokwang herself, as she related on a personal level of losing a child. Pokwang is really a huge part of the show’s success because for me, more than being a fun, caring and loving mom on the TV series, Mamang had the most intense heartbreaking scenes of the show. I salute you Mamang Pokie!
A big part of Aryana’s journey is her 3 leading men: Dominic Roque as Hubert, Paul Salas as Marlon and Francis Magundayao as Ian. The big question is who will Aryana end up with? Hmm…  Also part of the big cast are G Tongi who was also great in portraying the evil Stella, THE direk Laurice Guillen, Lotlot De Leon, Bianca Manalo, Michelle Vito, and a whole lot more.
The pretty and sweet mermaid we all loved is now close in bidding us goodbye but there is a strong promise of exciting and thrilling happenings on its last two weeks, so stay tuned to Aryana and witness her magical journey’s end. DO NOT MISS IT, weeknights on Primteime Bida right before TV Patrol. For more updates you can log on to or follow abscbndotcom on Twitter.

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