A Moment In Time: fall deeply in-love with Coco Martin and Julia Montes

This Valentine's season, Star Cinema and Dreamscape will make us fall deeply in-love with their latest movie offering, A Moment In Time. Lead by no other than the "phenomenal" love team Coco Martin and Julia Montes.
Their tandem took the nation by storm as they portrayed the roles of Daniel and Katerina in the massive hit teleserye Walang Hanggan. A very successful team up from TV was now brought to the big screen for a grand Valentine's Day treat! This Feb 13, 2013 get to know Coco Martin as Patrick and Julia Montes as Jillian!

*Here's the FULL trailer of the film:
As evident on the trailer, the CocoJul sparks are still bright! Out-bursting with kilig in a heartwarming tale of true love, executed on a film under the direction of Emmanuel Quindo Palo.
Both Coco and Julia were too excited on their very first movie together! Julia said that AMIT is a special treat to all their loyal supporters who has been craving for more of their love team after Walang Hanggan ended. And on this movie, it was promised that we will all see a different Coco and Julia, far from what we used to see from their previous teleserye. "Kung noon intense ang roles namin, dito sobrang light. At 'yun ang maganda sa 'A Moment In Time' kasi ibang-iba siya. Sa movie, makikita ng lahat 'yung fun side ni Coco. Sinisiguro naming ibang Coco at Julia ang makakasama nila ngayong Valentine's month," Julia explained. At a very young age, Julia Montes has already proven that she is a top caliber leading lady to look forward to.
AMIT will only not take us on a journey of love but it will also take us to the beautiful places of Amsterdam and some parts in Paris too! Coco Martin said that this movie project has fulfilled one of his life's dreams, "sabi ko dati, dream ko gumawa ng pelikula sa abroad. Sakto naman itong pelikula namin, storya siya sa Pilipinas at sa abroad,” he explained. Being one of the most sought-after leading man of today, Coco was happy about AMIT's storyline. “Excited ako lalo na nung kinuwento sa akin 'yung storya. Gusto ko kasi every time gumagawa ako ng project, hindi siya yung sa palagay ko ordinaryo na kilig-kilig or drama. Gusto ko laging may twist sa dulo,” he said.
More than just their on-screen charm, I am genuinely happy that they were given a big movie break because both of them deserved it. They are both dedicated to their craft and they had been outstanding on their projects! As we all know, Coco Martin is known for his award-winning stints for indie films like Serbis, Sta. Nina, Daybreak, Noy, etc. On the other hand, this is Julia's comeback on mainstream from successful films like Way back Home, The Reunion and The Strangers. I'm sure everyone is excited to fall in love with A Moment In Time.

So this February 13, 2013... be sure to tag along your loved ones on a special movie date! Watch A Moment In Time in theaters near you! And be captivated on CocoJul's magic of love!

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