A closer look at Coco Martin and Juan Dela Cruz

Coco Martin is undoubtedly the most acclaimed leading man of today. I am really lucky to be a part of the 'few' who were chosen to be included on his solo press con for his up-coming action-serye in ABS-CBN. More to being handsome, I rediscovered the real Coco Martin and why he was chosen to be the next hero on TV... Juan Dela Cruz, which will start airing this February 4, 2013 after TV Patrol.

Let me take you on a 'closer look' to our newest hero Juan Dela Cruz and the actor behind him, Coco Martin.

This was the first time I ever encounter Coco in person and I must admit I begin to admire him deeper than just being one of the greatest actors of our time. He was so open in answering questions from the press and he was as transparent as he could. He was outgoing and jolly for the whole interview. He is not too sensitive on some personal questions, instead, he answers them all from the heart.
He was the first choice to be the lead for the biggest and grandest TV series of early 2013.and as he said 'yes' on this project, he was given a big responsibility on being the newest role model of the youth. He said that he is not a perfect person and Juan Dela Cruz stands for all the Filipinos, "pag sinabi mong Juan Dela Cruz paran sinisimbolo nya ang bawat Pilipino." He said that we are all fighting aswangs in our daily life just like Juan, "sabi nga nila sa bawat puso, sa bawat.. isang tao meron tayong aswang sa ating katawan, ibig sabihin meron tayong good and bad side.. kaya yun yung dilemma ng pagkatao ni Juan Dela Cruz" he explained.
He openly admits that he is only human and has done mistakes before but the main thing he is aiming for is to learn from those mistakes and use them to be a better person. He personally knows his role as the newest super hero, he said, "syempre tinuturing kang hero... meron kang responsibilidad sa mga manonood eh, lalong lalo na sa mga kabataan... kung ano yung ipapakita mo, nakakaapekto sa kanila yun kaya dapat maging careful ka".
I also rediscovered Coco in being a family man. He has pure love for his family and is working hard just for them. He said that he will only start thinking of himself and his own happiness once his family is stable and everything that his family needs are already fulfilled. My heart melted by just feeling his love for his lola who actually took good care of him while growing up, "napalaki naman po ako ng tama ng lola ko.. kumbaga well-guided" he said.
Coco stated that his character, is kind of different to him personally in terms of "love", he compared himself to Juan. " sa akin kasi.. pakiramdaman, kapag naramdaman kong gusto ako ng isang babae at nararamdaman ko naman na sincere sya dun ako nagkakaroon ng lakas ng loob. Si Juan kasi pwersahan, mejo may pagkakaiba kami ng istilo."
Professionally, Coco also said that he is totally involved in the creative side in any of his projects and he is making sure that he shares and contributes his idea for the show to be better. Especially here in Juan Dela Cruz, he makes sure that his character is with a taste of his real personality and he gives out his own inputs to the JDC staff and crew. On this series, he said that he didn't had the time to train or to prepare for his action scenes, but as you can see on the trailer videos and teasers of JDC, he got the moves of an action star! Great execution from the Prince of Teleserye himself!
On a personal note, he is really a charmer. All he need to do is laugh and I am already blown away. He has one of the cutest laugh I ever saw and heard. I will not get bored if only I can watch him laugh the whole day! He is totally oozing with charisma and cuteness beyond what words can describe. It's actually contagious!
For me, Juan Dela Cruz is truly tailored for Coco and he was a great choice for the role. He embodies a true Pinoy who has the spirit fired-up to reach his dreams. He has been through the hits and blows of life but he still managed to get up and fight. Now, he is living his life where he learned from all his mistakes of the past, values the present and look-forward for the future.
More than just being a good actor, I also got a taste of Coco's pure heart. I admire him more now than just someone I see on TV and movies, but as a person. He is truly on of the biggest names in showbiz but he is still a grounded man. I only wish all the best for him on JDC and all of his up-coming projects!

I am in full support of Juan Dela Cruz and I am looking forward to its TV premiere this February 4, 2013 in ABS-CBN right after TV Patrol and continuously watch it every weeknights on Primetime Bida!

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