Thousand Teas: A Classic TEAxperience!

Tea is the 2nd main beverage in the world next to water. It is even part of the history and culture for other countries. But here in the Philippines, teas have been getting less attention because we had been used to sodas or fruit juices. Not until pretty recently when 'milk teas' buzzed out! Milk Tea has been a major hit. There are a lot of variants and flavors was innovated. A lot of stores and brands that offers milk tea popped up too. But what makes Thousand Teas any different? Let's find out!

Indulge into the goodness of tea in the classic, right way. Thousand Teas is offering the old, traditional tea in the modern time for our generation to enjoy. Hot teas, oozing with richness in taste is on the list for their "Timeless Blends" like Earl Grey, Assam Red Tea, Oolong Green Tea and the likes. They also offer the hand-made Blooming Tea, a leaf ball poured with hot water on a pitcher that will slowly open up and bloom to a nice floral arrangement. More to enjoying the goodness of tea, it was the magical tea presentation that excites the nerves. Enjoy the Timeless Blends for a price range of 75-195Php.
Crave for your favorite milk teas, slush teas, yogurt drink and iced teas in their Frubble menu! Different variants and flavors to choose from, surely you will have a hard time to pick! They offer Caramel, Matcha, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Mocha, Thai, Chocolate Almond, Irish Cream, etc. On the fruity side they have Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Kiwi Honeydew, Lemon, etc. All of them seems to offer the 'yum'! The price range is 85-155Php.
I tried their mango slush tea and I must say that I am overly satisfied! It was so good! You know what makes it different? It was the Popping Pearls! The pearl that bursts flavor in your mouth when popped! There are a lot of toppings to choose from their menu, but popping pearls are added to fruit flavored teas. Give a twist to your milk tea experience by picking your add-ons! :)
Hungry as well? Worry no more! Thousand Teas also have an array of light meals that will answer your tummy urge! They offer pastas, salads, sandwiches, crepes and scones with price ranging from 55 to 155Php! I have tasted their sumptuous carbonara and it is highly recommended with a ham and cheese sandwich! :) to being classy and elegant, they promote teas as a healthy drink. As we all know, teas are effective antioxidant and has good benefits to offer for the body if and only if prepared in the right way. Trusting a tea brand matters on how well they know their product and I must say I learned a lot in the tea party we had at Thousand Teas in Mezza Residences courtesy of the head proprietor Mr. Gilbert Jim who took us to the timeline of teas from history to present. The bloggers (including me) enjoyed his demo on preparing both classic teas and milk teas!  I personally discovered and rediscovered a lot about teas. I appreciate it more now than just as a drink. Thousand Teas is with the tag line "Live Longer". Drink tea more often for a healthier you.
Thank you to Thousand Teas! Visit them at Ground Floor, Mezza Building, Aurora Blvd., corner Araneta Ave., San Juan City, Metro Manila. For more info please do check their website: and LIKE their facebook page:

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