Hello dear readers! I just wanted to introduce my newest blog series, Oh5!

So what is this about?
It's a "five of anything under the sun"!
It came up as an idea to create a year-ender blog post. But I decided to create a year-ender blog series which will showcase my 5 Top Picks of the year 2012!
My Oh5 2012 year-ender top picks will be posted starting today until Dec. 31, 2012. Hope you can all check my blog before the year ends! I will let you know my personal top picks this 2012 in this special blog series! This is so EXCITING!

I will create my Oh5 blogpost in each category and will post it here at http://mightymaustrap.blogspot.com/
So what are some of the categories?
I have 12 in total:
• Most Promising Acts
• TV Shows
• Local Songs (OPM)
• Foreign Songs
•  Local Female Singers
• Local Male Singers
• Foreign Singers
• Love Teams
• Local Movie/TV Actress
• Local Movie/TV Actor
• Foreign Films
• Local Films

Aside from the year-ender special, Oh5 will continue the flow with some features like:
Oh5! Favorites - will reveal 5 of my personal favorites and of different personalities too.
Oh5! Questions - are random questions to be answered.
Oh5! Snapshots - are exhibit of exclusive photos.

and more...

I am giving endless thanks to YOU for visiting this blog site. I promise to blog more this coming year 2013! :)

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