Cinema One Originals 2012: Slumber Party movie review

Slumber Party is another official entry to the Cinema One Originals 2012 Currents category. I am excited when I learned about the movie because I felt that it was going to be a riot of laughter! I became compelled to watch the movie because my favorite local jazz singer Markki Stroem and my ultimate favorite dancer Sef Cadayona was part of the movie. So I took time last Nov. 30 to watch the premiere night of Slumber Party at Robinsons Galleria movieworld in line to the Cinema One Originals Film Festival.
A fresh, new and unbelievable ensemble of the Tri-beki: Archie Alemania, Markki Stroem and RK Bagatsing is ready to take you on a crazy whirlwind of fun! Claiming that this is a true blue Pinoy satire film, I was never wrong with what I expected. No ordinary sleepover as the tagline stated but, no one can ever fall asleep in this film. So here is a quick movie review for Slumber Party:

Slumber Party:
Starring: RK Bagatsing, Markki Stroem, Archie Alemania, Sef Cadayona, Nino Mulach, Betong Sumaya, Maey Bautista, and Venus Raj
Directed by: Emmanuel dela Cruz
*watch full trailer here:
Movie Synopsis:
Three gay friends Phi, Elle and Jhana are celebrating friendship through their tradition of a sleepover on the night before the Miss Universe pageant. This fun and peaceful gathering was twisted when an intruder came. Jonel, an aiming-to-be-frat-boy sneaked into the Phi's house as part of his initiation. The bekis fought up to the intruder, making him held captive and tied in knots! Instead of reporting it to the police they decided to tie him up and keep him for their Slumber Party. The twists will come by as some of them took advantage of their captive cutie. Their friendship will also be shaken by their personal issues.. Elle being insecure of herself, Jhana being financially broke and Phi being an HIV baby. What more can happen in one night with tri-bekis and one cutie?

The PROs:
•Funny! Super funny!
•Making the Miss Universe as the center of their bond is a true beki grip. The movie also gave a touch of the struggles that bekis undergo, like not being accepted by the community, financial problems, etc.. which gives the depth of the film.
•Well written script and the punchlines were in perfect timing.
•The characters shined all together. They made it a team work effort making the film just a perfect mix of fun and fab with a touch of depth.

The CONs:
•The CON that I can give out was on the part that Phi confessed that he was and HIV baby. I just felt it could have been given more spotlight. I am in personal support of the campaign #ZeroHIVph and in spreading of awareness about AIDS and the like. So when I heard that Phi went on a struggle from childhood because of it, I was moved. I hope it has a bit more substance in that scene but I was kind of disappointed in a NOT so major-major way when Jhana's character replied something like: "Pano nung nagbu-booking tayo?" It was less centered to the idea.

Character comments:
•Archie Alemania was a comic hero! He is just simply funny in every way! Very effective! He was always bringing the house down with each and every punchlines! Archie has the wit and talent in comedy. He's perfect for the role as I may say. Applauded!
•My fave jazz singer turned beki in this film, Markki Stroem made it evident that he really "got talent"! He amazed me in this film! He proved that he was more to just being a great singer, he also has a big wide door opened for his greatness in actiing! He's FAB beyond words! Even if I am so used to seeing him all manly, tall and cute making girls always squeal on kilig while he is singing, in this film, he made me believe that he is gay! To Markki: You are a revelation dear! Still cute as gay though! :)
•RK Bagatsing is also a surprise. It was my very first time to see him, or even to know him but I definitely fell in love with his pure talent in acting, matching his obviously good looks. He acts with a heart. RK, I can imagine you can reach farther, I am hoping for more projects to come your way. I am thrilled to see what's next right after this! I am now a fan! :)
•Seriously I aimed to watch this film because of SEF CADAYONA, he was my ever favorite dancer. I think most of my closest friends know why.. He is my super crush. Talented without any doubt, I was more captured by his acting prowess in this film especially Jonel's tender moments with Phi and his rape scene. He was an effortless cutie so it wasn't even hard for him to make the tri-beki go gaga over him. It was all so funny seeing him with make-up too! I swear, Sef is definitely a charmer! Kudos to his venture to the indie field. I am for certain he is so impressive and astounding.
•Nino Mulach is a revelation! A big surprise! He is so cute with the unending gay lingo! Gay mother is the FUN RIOT of the film!
Congratulations to the Slumber Party team, to direk Emmanuel (Ibonman) for a very fun, fab, sassy and kinky film! Kudos to the writers led by Phillippe! This movie is recommended if you just wanted to laugh your heart out! The funniest local film I have seen this year! :)


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