Oh5! 2012 Year-ender TOP PICKS: Foreign Singers

-Oh5! Let's take a quick look of my Top Picks of foreign singers.. They are the ones with the most number of songs in my ipod this 2012.. you ready? :)

Oh5! 2012 Year-ender TOP PICKS: Foreign Films!


-Oh5 Foreign Films of 2012 that I loved. Again, this is my personal TOP PICKS. Let's see if you loved these films too... :)

Oh5! 2012 Year-ender TOP PICKS: Local Male Singers

Local Male Singers

•The Oh5 Top Picks list for the local male singers who serenaded me and made me appreciate their music this 2012, be it on TV or live... Let's get it on!

Oh5! 2012 Year-ender TOP PICKS: Local TV Shows

-Here is a list of my personal favorites on TV... To tell you honestly, I rarely watch TV but here are 5 of them that I actually like. These are entries only from local TV... cable channels are not included because if so, I will really have a hard time to pick. So let's find out what shows made it to my list this 2012! Oh5 here we go!


Hello dear readers! I just wanted to introduce my newest blog series, Oh5!

So what is this about?
It's a "five of anything under the sun"!
It came up as an idea to create a year-ender blog post. But I decided to create a year-ender blog series which will showcase my 5 Top Picks of the year 2012!
My Oh5 2012 year-ender top picks will be posted starting today until Dec. 31, 2012. Hope you can all check my blog before the year ends! I will let you know my personal top picks this 2012 in this special blog series! This is so EXCITING!

Sisterakas on GGV!

The cosistently trending show every Sunday night, Gandang Gabi Vice will be a fun riot! Joining the show's host Vice Ganda is her SISTERAKAS, AiAi delas Alas and Kris Aquino!

A night of a royal rumble of laughter with the Comedy Concert Queen AiAi and the Queen of All Media Kris, your Sunday night will be more hilarious than ever! They will give us a taste of how funny their newest movie Sisterakas will be.

One More Try with Dingdong Dantes!

Kapuso star Dingdong Dantes is one of the most sought-after leading man of our generation. Successful and happy in his career and lovelife, Dingdong is one of those people who seemed to "have-it-all" but he never fails to still surprise his dearest followers and supporters!
Dingdong stars in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2012 entry "ONE MORE TRY" from Star Cinema! In a heavy dramatic modern family drama, he is set to make this Christmas season more heart-warming with the ensemble of his equally amazing co-stars, Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin.

David Pomeranz: The Music Man is back in Manila!

The man behind the hits Born For You, Got To Believe In Magic, King and Queen of Hearts, etc. is back to once again touch the hearts of his Pinoy fans with his timeless love songs! Yes, the international multi-platinum singer-songwriter Mr. David Pomeranz is here to give us his gift of love and music. I am pretty sure we know his hit songs by heart. As I recall, his album "Born For You-His Best and More" became the best-selling album here in the Philippines!

Suddenly It's Magic now available on DVDs and VCDs!

(photo credits to @erichgg on instagram)

The adorable tandem of Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales in the movie Suddenly It's Magic had captured the hearts of millions of Filipinos here and abroad when it was shown locally and internationally in cinemas last October.

What? You weren't able to catch it on theaters while it's on? Hmm. Worry no more! Star Home Videos proudly brings us the original DVDs and VCDs of Suddenly It's Magic! It was released today, Dec. 19, 2012 nationwide! So if you didn't had a chance to watch it last October, now you can already watch the first Thai-Pinoy movie that got everyone hooked! Just right in time to add kilig this Christmas jitters, this DVD/VCD release is a perfect gift for this season of giving!
(photo credits to MarRich FB fanpage)

MMFF 2012: The Strangers

Be thrilled and scared this Christmas season in this pure horror offering of Quantum Films and MJM productions, distributed by Star Cinema. For me, this is the most interesting and intriguing film of the MMFF! Starring Enchong Dee, JM De Guzman, Julia Montes and Enrique Gil this movie will take you down to a road of intense fear. Scream your heart out this Dec 25!

MMFF 2012: Sisterakas

The box-office trio of Kris Aquino, Vice Ganda and AiAi delas Alas is set to make us laugh out loud this Christmas through their fun-filled film Sisterakas! An official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival this 2012, Star Cinema and Viva Films holds the funniest riot on the big screen directed by Wenn Deramas!

MMFF 2012: One More Try

Star Cinema has been the home of the most remarkable drama films for years and years. And on this upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival 2012, they are back with an intense and unique family drama "One More Try". Starring Zanjoe Marudo, Angelica Panganiban, Angel Locsin and Dingdong Dantes, undoubtedly four of the most remarkable acts of today. This December 25, One More Try will be shown in theaters  along with 7 other films to be showcased in the said Film Fest. I must say that this year's line ups were totally offered to all the moviegoers with a bang! Now, here's a quick teaser to excite us more for this gripping film!

Thousand Teas: A Classic TEAxperience!

Tea is the 2nd main beverage in the world next to water. It is even part of the history and culture for other countries. But here in the Philippines, teas have been getting less attention because we had been used to sodas or fruit juices. Not until pretty recently when 'milk teas' buzzed out! Milk Tea has been a major hit. There are a lot of variants and flavors was innovated. A lot of stores and brands that offers milk tea popped up too. But what makes Thousand Teas any different? Let's find out!

Jonalyn Viray "brought the house down" on her Music & Me concert!

One of my most favorite DIVA had recently concluded her intimate concert with a BANG! Congratulations to Ms. Jonalyn Viray and to Creative Media Entertainment for a huge concert success in Music & Me! I personally anticipated a night of good music and gripping performance from Jonalyn and to tell you all the truth... I was overly satisfied.

Cinema One Originals 2012: Slumber Party movie review

Slumber Party is another official entry to the Cinema One Originals 2012 Currents category. I am excited when I learned about the movie because I felt that it was going to be a riot of laughter! I became compelled to watch the movie because my favorite local jazz singer Markki Stroem and my ultimate favorite dancer Sef Cadayona was part of the movie. So I took time last Nov. 30 to watch the premiere night of Slumber Party at Robinsons Galleria movieworld in line to the Cinema One Originals Film Festival.
A fresh, new and unbelievable ensemble of the Tri-beki: Archie Alemania, Markki Stroem and RK Bagatsing is ready to take you on a crazy whirlwind of fun! Claiming that this is a true blue Pinoy satire film, I was never wrong with what I expected. No ordinary sleepover as the tagline stated but, no one can ever fall asleep in this film. So here is a quick movie review for Slumber Party:

Cinema One Originals 2012: Mariposa Sa Hawla ng Gabi movie review

Can you imagine this pretty lady with a sweet and gentle smile doing some action scenes? Holding up a shotgun or a knife? Punching or stabbing gangsters, goons and thugs? Think it over because she got it! One of the premiere actress in the country, Ms. Erich Gonzales showcased and flourished her tough, unyielding and striking side for her newest film Mariposa Sa Hawla ng Gabi.

NCA 2012: My Favorite TV Station is...

Netizens' Choice Awards 2012 has a question to all the bloggers in the cyber community.. "What is your most favorite TV Station?". A question that I am bound to answer in this blog entry. 
To be totally honest, I am not watching TV regularly. In being a claimed NETIZEN I usually rather spend my time over the internet than to watch TV shows or I would instead go out and catch movies with friends. So this ultimate question on "WHAT IS MY FAVORITE TV STATION?" made a buzz out of my head.

If I am going to answer this in a jiffy, this is easy because if there is a channel that I can watch all day, I might give out an answer like MYX (the number 1 music channel in the Philippines) or HBO or Star Movies or Disney Channel. Those are my common picks. But as we all know, this famed question is in aim to know which of the 3 biggest networks in the country had captured the hearts of bloggers in the Netizen's community. The BIG THREE is ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5.