Suddenly It's Magic Movie Review

As you may have noticed, I have been dedicated in promoting this latest Star Cinema offering Suddenly It's Magic. I believed so much in this movie project to give a different twist in the Philippine movie scene. I believed in the writer, the director and the lead casts to execute a great movie treat for the Pinoy moviegoers. Tell you what? I was never ever disappointed. It gave me more than what I actually expected. It has been a while since I did my last movie review, but here is a treat for all of you..

Suddenly It's Magic:
starring Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer and Philippine sweetheart Erich Gonzales
directed by Rory B. Quintos under Star Cinema

Two different worlds, two different people, two different dreams.. Can love make it work? 
watch the full trailer:
Movie Synopsis:
Thai heartthrob Marcus Hanson (Mario) got fed-up with his crazy famous life so he decided to take a time-off and get lost for a moment in the Philippines. He met a sad pastry baker Joey Hermosa (Erich). He founds out that Joey is jaded in love. The superstar's heart eventually finds sparks of romance for the pretty and sweet cupcake girl.  Revealing conflicts on it's own, Joey discovers how her Prince Charming is also everyone's Price Charming in Thailand. Marcus is troubled in choosing between his dream girl and his dream of making it big as an actor. Two hearts learned to let go of each other so that both of them could fulfill their greatest potential. As time dictates, when Marcus and Joey found a way back to each other, all the wounds of the past had been scars that made them more stronger than ever.
(I intentionally wrote the synopsis in less details as much as possible, to avoid much spoilers for the people who haven't watched it yet, but will watch soon. ♥)
The PROs:
•Just the right mix of drama, fun and kilig!
•The John Lloyd Cruz-Bea Alonzo love team tribute is a plus!
• The script is definitely a PRO. KUDOS to Ms. Vanessa Valdez. Suddenly It's Magic is a fairy tale as it seemed but it is never impossible. The story line is not far from reality. The quoted lines from the script will stay with you even outside the cinema. More to the kilig factor, it effectively tackled the conflict of choosing between the love of our life and the life that we love. Hard right?
•The shots on  both Thailand and Ilocos is a WOW! The beauty on both countries was shown equally. Breath-taking. One proud Asian here! :)
•The complexity of languages used: Tagalog, Thai, English and even Ilokano is a PRO for me.
• Mario Maurer is so charming! He executed great acting too! The Pinoy fans have embraced him as a leading man. No one can refuse to adore Mario in this film. The more you look at him, the cuter he gets! Agree?
•Erich Gonzales is so natural! She never failed to prove that she is really one of the Philippine's premiere actress! My heart is breaking when she is crying on her scenes and my heart skips a beat every time she has a kilig scene with Mario. She embodied a simple loving Pinay. Erich truly is the new standard of Asian beauty, no doubt! She is effective even without trying hard to be.

The CONs:
•The only con that i can say is... BITIN! Hahaha! MORE! MORE! MORE! :)
Suddenly It's Magic is definitely a FEEL-GOOD movie! It will give you a smile on your heart that you will take home with you after watching it. It was light, but it has the right flavor of depth on it. The people with the "heart" can understand what I am saying. The critic's eyes should leave this film alone. Nevertheless it was already graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board, so this movie has nothing to prove further. To tell you honestly, I can't even remember the last time I watched any movie that had made me feel the same way that Suddenly It's Magic did. I am a movie-lover by heart, but for the longest time, I wasn't able to watch a film that made me enjoy every bits of it from start to finish. I can't resist the smile on my face for the entire movie run. As I am writing down this movie review, I already watched Suddenly It's Magic for 4 times! And I still want to watch again! I think the movie literally wrapped me up in a magic spell. And on all the screenings I had been too, I must say that the crowd's reaction to the film is consistent! There were this fond moments of laughter and squeals. It evidently showed that the Erich and Mario team up is effective to the viewers! There were no false hopes, just pure chemistry. I am captivated by the MarRich tandem. It is heart-warming to see one great person to be teamed-up with another great person. You will feel how the people involved behind this film enjoyed making it. This movie is highly-recommended if you just want to laugh, loosen up, have fun and fall in love all over again! ♥


[As requested by @aubreycaira on Instagram]
Here are some of the quoted lines and highlights from the movie that marked my ♥

"Love can turn the ugliest caterpillar to the most beautiful butterfly."

"I love you, always have.. always will." -Marcus

Jinggay:John Lloyd is MORE GWAPO than you! Marcus:More gwapo than me?

Marcus: You don't know my name? Waiter: Sorry sir, I don't. Marcus: I'm happy you don't know my name.

Kuya Dan: Ay Pogeeeeeee! Marcus: Salamat po. Pogi ka rin.

"Talaga bang yung cake ang iniingatan mo o yung puso mo?" -Sam to Joey

"Hmm..Napatid ka sa sarili mong hair?" -Sam to Joey

"Please spend the day with me.." -Marcus

"Hi I'm Marcus.. Thank you for breaking Joey's heart."

"Your acting was so good you almost convinced me that you're my boyfriend and that you love me." -Joey

"I don't want no sad cupcake girl no more" -Marcus (rap)

Joey: "Why are you still here?" Marcus:"Your cupcake told me to follow my heart... and my heart led me back to you."

"I want to kiss you right now..." -Marcus

"..Love her in the way you never could. Love her in the way she should be loved.." -Marcus

"The love we feel, its true..that's why it hurts.. that's why we learn to appreciate the next one that will come along." -Marcus

"You are too good, too wonderful,too beautiful to be kept a secret." -Marcus

"Are you looking for the toilet or your boyfriend? I know where he is, right here" -Marcus

"Aaah.. you're still in love with me.." -Sririta

"Kanina pako naiihi, pero dahil sa ginawa mo... umatras yung ihi ko." -Joey

"Piliin mo naman ang maging masaya Joey.. piliin mo namang magmahal muli."

"From the moment we first kiss, all my real kisses were reserved just for you" -Marcus

"Nakakasama kaya ng loob na sinisimangutan ka, iniirapan ka at minumura ka.. ang kasalanan mo lang naman ay nagmahal ka"-Joey

"Pake ko sa inyo! Ako ang mahal ni Marcus! Hindi yang salawahang idol niyo. Ako ang mahal niya. Ako! Ako! Ako! At mahal ko sya.. mahal ko sya.. mahal ko sya!" -Joey

"You wanted this even before you wanted to be with me.." -Joey


Thank you for having me in your special block screening Ericholics and Mario Maurer Phils.
Super BIG thanks to Ms.J @SeekingMaria
Thank you for having me in your special block screening Erich Gonzales Int'l (Erichers)

*I sincerely wanted to give BIG thanks to all the Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales fans over on twitter, facebook, instagram, on my blog and everywhere else! The endless RTs, favorites, likes and tweets were truly appreciated. I have been always telling this because it's true... I know how to be a fan. I am a fan of a few certain people. And I salute you all for loving and supporting Erich and Mario, I assure you that they are both worthy of our support. 

Thanks to Star Cinema too, Sir Enrico Santos, Ms.Vanessa Valdez, direk Rory and the whole Team Suddenly It's Magic for giving out a Thai twist to our ever growing Pinoy Movie Industry. To the AdProm team, Sir Flow Galindez for always hooking me up on events/conferences for Suddenly It's Magic.

Thanks to Mario Maurer for showing that not all superstars are blinded by fame. I clearly remembered when I asked him for a quick picture last grand presscon and right after taking his photo, he humbly said: "Salamat po." On that very moment I knew, that Mario is more than good looks. He was asked by a member of the press.. "What magic do you have? Why do you think that the Filipinos loved you?" He simply answered: "I think it's because I don't pretend to be someone else." That is a winning answer. 

And a special THANK YOU to Ms. Erich Gonzales for being such a sweetheart! She never failed to appreciate everything that I did in promoting the movie and that made me more dedicated in spreading how good this movie project is! As I have said on instagram, Erich is like a sunshine that radiates a light that warms the heart. She is an amazing person, beautiful inside and out. No doubt that her supporters really do love her. I know for certain, she loves her supporters back. She truly deserves the spot light.. She deserves to be up where she is meant to be. I am hoping that Suddenly It's Magic can make it big in Asia, so that Erich can be recognized across other countries. Erich has what it takes for sure! I believe in her love for her craft.. I believe in her.

Just wanna share my quick Erich moment: 
Sobrang dami ng tao sa block screening, madaming security, she was on her way going down, nagmamadali, paalis na.. but when she saw me.. she stopped and graced a quick photo with me! sabi pa nya sa guards "kuya wait lang!" after the pic may pabaon pa na "thank you ms.mightymau.. bye"

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  1. Thnx Mighty Mau for the nice Review ..Thats why we love ERich so much coz she is very down to earth ang lahat ng mga fans niya tinuturing niyang Friend lang ..she is very very nice and kind....all the love and support ..Erich G International Fans Club :)

    1. You are always welcome! I agree 100% on her being so nice and kind and down to earth.. Iba talaga si Ms. Erich Gonzales! Thanks for taking time to drop by my blog. :D

  2. i so love the film,am in love with mario, the move was really good the review you gave was true!i must say that it opened me again as a in love, work and life!i don't know how to express my feelings, to prove it im watching this movie every night...plan to go to Bangkok next year and try to use possible connection to meet mario!i hope he can do a teleserye in abs, will speak to connection also...

    1. @alan, thank you for checking out my movie review! Much appreciated! :)

  3. Does this theme has to do with your professional position or is it more about your hobbies and types of spending your free time?

    1. @Neil, to answer your question.. IT IS MORE ABOUT MY PASSION. :) Thank you!

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