Sip the awesomest drinks on Earth!

Since the start of the milktea craze here in Ph, everyone's been hooked. It is evident by how fast and viral it spreads out all around the Metro! Fast-shooting names and brands of milktea emerged! I'm personally amazed by the milktea trend! I am more of a soda or fruit juice lover. I am not a hardcore fan of milktea, but I am a drinker. I think a lot of us are drinkers. So here, I will introduce to all of you, one of the rising tea shop I recently discovered, and surprisingly loved.
Go and SIP the 'awesomest' drinks on Earth! SIP is now taking on the milktea industry and ready to fight head-to-head with other big names in the field. Why so? Simply because they KNOW their teas! Their tea brand is more particular on how they prepare the tea they serve. They are hand-on in picking the best ingredients, flavoring and mixes. They particularly mastered the process on how to give out the best tea experience. Meticulous as it may seem, but that's how you will fall in love with their teas!

We had the chance to visit their newly opened shop in Farmer's Market Cubao, near the MRT Exit and I noticed how clean and sanitized they prepare teas and nibbles. The ambiance of the place is light, good for a sit down tea-time kwentuhan with your barkadas.
Now, let's go down to their tea products. Hmm. What are the famous tea blends around? I think I know a few, like the classic green milk tea, caramel milk tea, chocolate, passion fruit tea, winter melon tea, lemon yakult tea, etc. THEY GOT ALL OF THEM, you can pick the teas you love and SIP them in a better tea experience. Or probably discover more of their different variants and fall in love to tea all over again!

Sip is the only tea shop in the Philippines to use ultra premium tea leaves. They only use full leaf called pekoe tea leaves from India and China. I learned a lot from Sip's invite! And I will share some of their good tea trivia for all of you:
•There are 3 kinds of leaves in a tea bush, Suchong, Orange Pekoe and the Bud.
•Buds are the youngest, sweetest and rarest. It's not usually used for making teas because it can contradict flavors that are used in different variants.
•The Suchongs are the old leaves. These are the bitter ones, not ideal for teas!
•Full leaf pekoe leaves are the best kind of tea leaves that can be used in making teas. It is sweet and floral. Just right for mixing other flavors.
•There's only two basic types of tea. The green tea and the black tea. All  the other different variants are executed on preparation and processing.
•Brewing is NOT the right process in tea making. Brewing is for coffee. Steeping is for tea.
Awesome drinks is best matched by awesome nibbles. Sip knows that. So for our tummy craving they gave out some tea partners like the healthy Veggie Springroll (which is super delish!), the Chicken Chops (sweet, a little salty and crunchy), the Honeycomb Waffle (yes, it's the weird looking waffle puffs on the picture. This was said to be a famous street food in Hong Kong brought to the Ph by SIP for an 'Oh, so good' nibble. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! A "must"! Yums!) and they also serve Shrimp Crackers and Fried Siomai. These will give you a happy tummy after! :)
Also try out their signature drinks. The ones that can be found only at Sip. Like their bestseller, the Cheesecake tea, yes, they put on a liquid cheesecake on top of your tea choice of mango, strawberry, caramel or just green tea. And their 'accidental blend' Mesteazo which is a blend of green milk tea and a flavored black tea. Mesteazo comes in strawberry, mango, caramel and lychee.

Sip steeps and doesn't brew to avoid bitterness in the teas they serve. They use the best tea leaves for the teas to taste just right. And they also use natural flavorings instead of alcohol based or powdered mixes. Sip understands that you don't need to know all the technicalities of tea-making but they know how to serve best teas for you. So I think, you need to try their teas and it will explain the difference! :)
Check them out at Pearl Plaza, Robinson's Galleria, Malate, SM Manila, SM Sucat, E. Rodriguez Sr., Farmer's Plaza, Plazuela de Iloilo. They also do deliveries: 5849737 in Pasig, 4133626 in Q.C. and 4050227 in Malate.

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Thanks to Sip and to Stratworks for making this feature possible! :)

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