Pokwang: #Idol ko si..

Pokwang joined an intimate blogger's conference for her up-coming movie from Star Magic and Star Cinema, 24/7 In Love. In a very quick encounter, I figured that she is really a great person. She is naturally funny and down-to-earth! She even followed me that day on twitter and for that I thank her. Mamang Pokie is truly an amazing actress. Now, let's see who's her idol..

When I handed over the paper to write down her #Idol.. she said "Ang hirap naman nito, baka madaming magalit..", eventually she said.."oh sige, ganito na lang.."
#IDOL ko si.. NANAY KO. -Pokwang
She even added: "Idol ko naman talaga ang nanay ko, biruin mo, binuhay nya kami sa dami namin."

I salute you Ms.Pokie! Thank you for taking time to answer and take a quick photo! I love you mamang!

Please support Ms.Pokwang on her newest movie 24/7 In Love where she pairs up with heartthrob Sam Milby in one of the episodes! 24/7 In Love will hit theaters this November 21!

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