Knorr and Chef Marvin's empowered partnership!

One of the most trusted brands in making Pinoy dining more sumptuous across the years, Knorr has empowered their partnership with none other than the Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Chef Marvin Agustin, as their brand endorser!

Chef Marvin considers his mom Maria Teresa as the main influence in his cooking. He said that most of their bonding as a family happens in the kitchen. "It's nice to promote something that you've been using for a long time, inspired by the teachings of my mom, cooked and served well from the heart," explains Chef Marvin, "Good food brings good friends and family together, so having Knorr by our side, is already an assurance that you have an ally in the kitchen, which I consider the heart of every home."

In-line of Chef Marvin's Knorr endorsement as we all know is seen in TVC's of Knorr Cubes, but now, to strengthen their partnership, Knorr also brought-in more products to the boat! Our favorite dishes made more delicious with Knorr like Sinigang sa Sampaloc Original Mix, Ginataang Gulay Mix, Rice Mate, Menudo and Afritada Mix and a whole lot more! Chef Marvin had a quick contract signing with the brand manager Ms. Seanta Reyes.
On the said event held at White House, Patio Carlito..  Chef Marvin never failed to delight our tummies with great food cooked with Knorr on the event. Mouth-watering Pinoy meals had been served to indulge with like Veggie Spring Rolls (without meat, but with Knorr it seemed like meaty), Menudo, Ginataang Malutong na Baboy (my favorite) , and 3 different types of a Pinoy classic favorite: Sinigang (Miso, Sampaloc, Gabi). With Knorr making cooking easier and with Chef Marvin's cooking expertise, I was truly delighted! We are also serenaded by 12 of the 24 contenders in the up coming TV5 show: Kanta Pilipinas (which was produced by Chef Marvin too!)
Chef Marvin shared that the secret to his own success is hardwork and passion. "Kung mahal mo yung ginagawa mo, hindi ka magkakamali." Now, far from just cooking at home with his mom, Chef Marvin owns a LOT of restaurants around.. like Sumo Sam, John and Yoko, Mr. Kurosawa, Marcianos, Komrad, Johnny Chow, Kung Fu Kitchen, Tokyo Grill. They will also launch Gambino soon. And he's also planning in opening up his mom's own restaurant next year, Maria Teresa which will showcase cooking from the heart.

Knorr and Chef Marvin had a project of "Surprise Salubong" to OFWs.. It showcased OFW homecoming at the airport and treating them with Pinoy meals cooked with Knorr. Pretty sure, being far away from homeland, they missed all the great food here! This is a project that will have a repeat due to it's success as promised by Knorr.
Chef Marvin also launched his newest website: which is a one-stop site for all the foodies and chefs out there! It will feature recipes and cooking demo videos from Chef Marvin. It will also have features of the best restaurants and chefs around! So better check it!

Personally, I know how to cook simple dishes, but I'm not a pro on it. I follow my mom and my lola on how they cook, I am a kitchen lover too. I often help in prepping dining for special occasions and truth is, we got Knorr products all over the kitchen. I personally can cook Sinigang, only with Knorr.
The perfect match of Knorr and Chef Marvin Agustin is to keep a promise of making each and every Pinoy cooking experience fulfilling, pleasurable and enriching. Knorr is a premiere innovative brand, and Chef Marvin is a very successful restaurateur and businessman as we all know. A brand with a heart for the Filipino Family and an endorser with the love for cooking. Together, they will surely make a mark in good food cooking from the heart. So this up coming holiday season, don't forget one of our cooking best friends on the list! You can never go wrong with Knorr!
Thank you Knorr! ♥

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