Spread the MAGIC! Suddenly It's Magic opens TODAY in theaters nationwide!

After the hardcore anticipation of all the fans and supporters, finally the one-of-a-kind team up will now spread the magic of love TODAY! Yes, Suddenly It's Magic opens in theaters nationwide starting today. So don't miss the chance to feel the kilig this Halloween season!
Experience the unique onscreen magic of the Thai-Pinay love team in Star Cinema's newest romantic-comedy film! Be mesmerized by the scenes taken in Bangkok, Thailand and in our very own Ilocos, Philippines! The multi-awarded director Rory B. Quintos is the captain of the ship, with that being said, I already know that this is a great movie. "The movie is really about unconditional love," explained Direk Rory. "It's about learning how to let go and set free of the person you love so that he or she could fulfill his or her greatest potential. So when he or she comes back to you, you will really be loved." Direk admitted that the lead characters of the movie poured a great amount of chemistry. "Bagay na bagay sila! They looked so good together!"

Direk Rory on Mario Maurer:
"What struck me the most was he seemed to be such a nice boy and he is really cute! I think women of all generations would appreciate how cute he is and you'll actually see in his eyes that he is a good person."
Direk Rory on Erich Gonzales:
"I've worked with her for almost a year in the TV series 'Maria la del Barrio' and we got along very well. Erich is a very young and a very good actress. Marami pa siyang magagawa in the future, I have no doubt that in the future she will bring awards at ang layo-layo pa ng mararating nya sa buhay."

Suddenly It's magic truly have an adorable casting: Joross Gamboa, Kakai Bautista, Dionne Monsanto, Joy Viado, Guji Lorenzana, Ces Quesada, Dinkee Doo, Jestoni Alarcon, John Lee and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul.
The magical cast was present on the grand press conference! Even our most-loved Thai heartthrob won our hearts that night. Mario Maurer is such a cutie! I am so lucky to be able to have a quick encounter with him! Good-looking as obvious, Mario is a prince charming in real life! He is kind and humble. When press people and bloggers takes pictures of him and Erich, he fondly says "Salamat po." A kind gesture he adopted from the Filipinos on his experience in working here.

Of course, my favorite Erich Gozales was stunning as always. She came inside Dolphy Theater and when she saw me, she immediately said: "Hello Ms. MightyMau!" and before she left, she also said "Bye Ms.MightyMau! Thank you!" My heart leaped! haha! Seriously, I didn't even know that she will say that! I will be overjoyed with a simple 'hi' but she gave me more than that! I truly love Erich as a person! She is a star that shines brightly but not blinding. As I have said, Erich deserves the spotlight! She is an actress dedicated to her craft! So far, I have never seen anyone who was so sipag in promoting a movie! She went to a lot of mall shows nationwide, TV and radio guestings, blog-cons/ press cons and even in Singapore in promoting this movie! Her fans and supporters are as dedicated as her too! The endless RTs, likes and favorites on twitter truly makes the buzz out of it! Erich will surely have my support on her future projects! That is a promise! ♥

Last night they held a very successful premiere night at SM Megamall Cinema 7 & 8! It was jam-packed. I am not even at the venue but twitter and instagram proved that the movie is truly anticipated by the Pinoy fans! The team up of Erich and Mario is loved by many! I am hoping for the best to both of them. It is good to see a great person to be paired up with another great person in a great project! Cheers to the whole team!

Adding to that, yesterday it came out that Suddenly It's Magic is graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board! Congratulations! This project surely gives more than just kilig and I am proud to be dedicated in promoting the movie! 

GO AND WATCH! Don't miss the magical experience of falling in love with Thailand's finest Mario Maurer and Philippine's sweetheart Erich Gonzales! Suddenly It's Magic NOW SHOWING!

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  1. thank you so much for being a great source for everything Erich! ive always been a fan of hers but meeting her here in Canada made me love her more, she's so sweet and nice. thanks again mightymaus and more blessings to you!

    1. Thank you for dropping by my blog! Much appreciated! And I have all praises for Erich as an actress and as a person! She truly deserves all the love! Again, thanks and Godspeed! :)

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