#Idol: Idol ko si Jay Perillo - Ms. Mighty Mau

"Idol ko si... Jay Perillo."

This marks the start of my #Idol blog series. Of course let me introduce you to my own idol. Jay Perillo.
Jay P is a singer, a great singer. One of the best i have heard so far (without being biased). He emerged in a singing competition on TV, appeared on several TV shows/ movies and had a self-titled album that was released last year under Viva Records.

So why Jay Perillo?

He is one of the best artist around, but more so, he is one of the greatest person I have ever met. I have all praises for him. He can inspire and change life more than he can imagine. I admire his personality. Living in the showbiz industry, he is one of the few who does not even have a trace of showbiz at all in his attitude. His talent is beyond compare, I have been following his craft and I am wowed every time.  He is my musical hero. He opened my eyes in things I would have never seen behind the lights and the camera. He sings from the heart. He rocks it out. I am a true-blooded fan.

I am a member of his fans club, the PERILLOus Rockstars and I am so proud of it. I have dedicated myself in supporting Jay P with all his endeavors in his career and personal life. He is the best "Kuya" I never had, and he is the best idol I can ever have. He taught me a lot. He is a personal mentor, he contributed in who I am now. He is a friend. I am totally grateful of the trust he has given me. He trusted me more than what I am expecting and with that I have rediscovered to trust myself. I think being with him in both ups and downs was the best part. Our idol-fan relationship had been so strong. Now, I am more than a fan who stand-out because of Krispy Kreme, but he knows me as Mau. He knows me as I am. I am truly overwhelmed whenever he is asking my opinion in anything, be it career-wise or personal. Jay P is someone I genuinely care about. I am not a cheesy person, but I am vocal to him. I always let him know that I got his back. And I hope that he will always believe.

And I may reach farther, meet more people, be in different places, and I may change but he will always be my ultimate favorite. There may be a lot of people more popular or monumental than Jay P but I will never ever replace him with anyone. He is the MISMOest person ever. My idol.
(That is a statement from the heart.)

Jay Perillo FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/perillousrockstars
twitter: https://twitter.com/PerilloJay
instagram: @perillojay

*Jay Perillo is now currently working with his up coming album. And I am excited.*

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  1. Hi Mau,nice blog...love it! Though I never had the chance na makausap si Jay P,ay I think nagkachance naman pala,pero mabilisan lang haha Jay P Jay P? Asan na si Jay P? Choss haha may JP din kami JP short for JuliElmo Pexers,hahaha alam mo kung gano namin nirerespect at inaidolize si Jay P,daddy namin yan eh,haha anyways ganda kasi ng relationship nyo eh,parang di fan-idol,friendship talaga sya,kaya nga nababaitan ako sknya eh. Anyways lalayas na ako,napadaan lang ako dito sa blog mo hahaha byieeee! Hope to see u soon ---- emz :)

  2. Thank you emz for reading my blog!!! The best din ang mga Julielmo Pexers.. loves din naman kayo si ser jayp at loves ko din kayooo :)

  3. nice blog po...ako rin po IDOL ko c Jay P at dhil s nabasa ko mas lalo ko pa po ciang nging idol..Hope to see him in person..I'll gonna wait for his new 2nd album..ROCKS!!!!..

    1. salamat po! yes abangan natin ang kanyang 2nd record! super exciting! :)

  4. " Living in the showbiz industry, he is one of the few who does not even have a trace of showbiz at all in his attitude. " TOTOO!

    nakakaiyak naman to bru!!!! :D mismo tong blog na 'to!

    1. naiiyak nga din ako nung sinusulat ko to! all from the heart! :)

  5. "He is the MISMOest person ever." super true!

  6. hi mau nakakainspired naman ang ito blog mo para kay rockprince jay perillo nakakamimiss na sya ilang linggo na sya wala sa p.p. buti na lang malapit lumabas yung 2nd album nya exited na ako!!!! dane