CCTV Patrol paving the way for Citizen Journalism


TV Patrol has been one of the leading and most trusted news program of the country for the longest time, now they are opening grounds for citizens to replenish the standards of news and public affairs. CCTV PATROL is a segment of TV Patrol as a new medium for the people to contribute in the aim for truth and justice.

"CCTV Patrol" or Concerned Citizens Taking Videos Patrol features photos, videos, or hints about anything significant, remarkable, or bizarre in their communities captured using mounted closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, cellphones, and other gadgets and sent in by them.
TV Patrol news anchor "Kabayan" Noli De Castro said that a huge chunk of the videos they receive and report in the newscast depict crimes that need police intervention. The team of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs reporters will also see to it that each criminal incident aired in the segment will be probed and monitored until the perpetrators face justice. Kabayan is proud of the past 4 months since the segment started because of it's positive feedback from the viewers. He stated that the authorities were able to resolve some cases reported with the help of the videos and photos they were receiving. When the segment was initially presented to Kabayan, he said "Aba'y maganda 'yan", as he sees CCTV Patrol in helping to aid the growing problems in our communities, “Pakinabangan natin ang ating mga cellphone at gadgets at hindi kung anu-anong videos ang kinukunan o tsismis ang ipinapasa. Napakalaking tulong nito. Wala na ring katwiran ang pulis na hindi mahuli ang mga kriminal dahil may mukha na, huling huli na eh,”

The segment has earned massive support from concerned citizens from vehicular accidents, street crimes, robbery, even killings and a lot more. The news team somehow mentioned that they have been receiving a lot of news and reports about crimes and illegal activities but CCTV Patrol is not bounded and limited by those concerns. They are also looking forward to feature good news on CCTV Patrol, such as acts of heroism and the likes.
The team clarified that they are still holding on to the credibility of each and every reports on TV Patrol, so they are dedicated in verifying and gathering accurate information on the story behind each photos and videos sent to them. ABS-CBN News and Public Affairs reporters are really going to the field, the scene-of-the-crime and the communities which were involved in the said hints. Kabayan said that CCTV Patrol is always open to "the other side" when it comes to airing a said report. He even said that their new segment is helping to resolve cases but should never be used for a "personal benefit" especially this up coming elections in the Philippines.

To date, ordinary people's contributions to CCTV Patrol have led to some of the biggest stories that hit the headlines and revolutionized broadcast journalism in terms of reaching audiences and giving them the opportunity to influence and contribute to the news cycle. CCTV Patrol is also in cooperation of BMPM (Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo) and Ako Ang Simula campaign which are massively helping for the citizens to be the eye of the truth.
Due to the success of the segment, Kabayan stressed the importance of the continued involvement of Bayan Patrollers and citizens to uncovering newsworthy events Filipinos need to know. Kabayan said, “Ang mahalaga diyan, ang media at mga ordinaryong mamamayan, hindi lang reklamo nang reklamo sa dami ng krimen ngayon. This time, tumutulong na tayo para masolusyunan mismo ng mga pulis ang krimen sa pamamagitan ng pagiging mapagmatyag,”

Watch Concerned Citizens Taking Videos or CCTV Patrol weeknights in “TV Patrol,” after “Aryana” on ABS-CBN. Send your photos and videos to or post them on or to @bayanmo on Twitter.

The BlogCon:
I was a part of the selected bloggers to attend the very first blog-con for ABS-CBN News and Public Affairs. I got excited to the fact that one of the highly respected news anchor in the country will be open to questions from the blogging community. Kabayan Noli De Castro is in Cagayan De Oro as of that moment for TV Patrol, but he openly answered questions within his scope through live Skype and video chat. Ms.Ging Reyes, Nina Corpuz, Atom Araullo and the head production of the news team were all present as well. The whole blogcon is very eye opening for me, no just in the CCTV Patrol segment but for the News and Public Affairs field itself. I once aspired to be a news reporter when I was still young. And I have grown much respect to the news team more after the blog-con.
It is a good experience because I had the chance to get a glimpse of Kabayan's light and funny side even just through Skype. I am a blogger patroller! :)

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  1. Hi

    can you ask BMPB/CCTV patrol about

    IS IT A CRIME for a citizen to record a video of a policeman/govt officials/LTO agents in public roads/Public offices doing their work?
    KRIMEN ba yan? marami ang natatakot mag record kasi baka kasohan ng wiretapping.

    Sana maglabas ng FAQ/GUIDELINES about dito para mas maging armed ang citizen journalist.