Suddenly It's Magic lead star Erich Gonzales is the New Standard of Asian Beauty!

I had been so lucky to be a part of the recent blogger's conference for Suddenly It's Magic. This new Thai-Filipino romantic comedy film offering by Star Cinema will be shown this October 31, 2012. Starring Thai actor Mario Maurer and Filipina actress Erich Gonzales, directed by Rory Quintos.
The bloggers had the chance to chit-chat with Erich about the movie. When she arrived, I learned that she just celebrated her birthday last Sept. 20! All of us even sang a quick happy birthday song for her! :) This was Erich's 2nd blog-con since Corazon Ang Unang Aswang. I was not part of the first one, so this is the first time I ever had a personal encounter with her. I like Erich, honestly I love her team up with Enchong Dee since Katorse. I have known her since Star Circle Quest where she emerged. I really find her as a great actress.

The Standard of Beauty in Asia:
Enrico Santos said that "Erich is every beautiful girl in one person". Erich Gonzales is now labeled as the New Standard of Asian Beauty. No one will oppose to that! Ever stunning and gorgeous, Erich is everything that a beautiful Asian should be. She embodies beauty inside and out. Erich has been so thankful for this new project for her but confessed that she is also pressured. This movie will be a step to her to reach the international market. I am hoping all the best for Erich, soar higher dear!
On Mario Maurer:
She said being paired now to Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer for Suddenly It's Magic was fun. "Off-cam, Mario is very playful, very naughty. He's such a prankster." she said, "Mario is a big star in Thailand, pero he's so humble." On his stay here in the Philippines, Mario wanted to try Adobo and Erich said she cooked for him and his team. In return, when Erich was in Thailand, Mario had her try different Thai cuisines. Erich said that Mario is kind and she admits the obvious fact that Mario really is good looking, "kung makita niyo lang si Mario in person, wala talagang pores. Ang kinis!"  She said that they're good friends, "For me wag na ilink-link...obviously he's very happy.. Of course we know na.. sila ni Gubgib.. 9 years na sila.. I actually admire their relationship.." she explained, "for me yung movie goers natin ngayon, napaka-open minded na". I would agree on that, even if not real life partners, as long as there is true genuine chemistry and good on-screen team up, it will surely work.. no need for false hopes! Although both have their real life partners, nothing can burst the bubbles of all their supporters and fans. :)

Mario Maurer even participated our blog-con through Skype! He answered few questions from fellow bloggers, he said "Working with Erich is very cool because she is a very cool girl". It is nice when Mario and Erich called each other as "bro and sis", I think its really cute! He also thanked Erich for her Adobo!
On the movie:
Erich said that "Yung iba't-ibang factors and aspects about love, na-discuss sa pelikulang ito. After this movie, mare-realize mo na ang sarap talagang ma-in love." A promise of kilig is evident on the two lead acts of the movie, I even said to Erich on Instagram how the publicity photos are making me kilig eveytime! They are even sweeter than cupcakes!
My Erich Gonzales Encounter:
As I have said, I really find her as a great actress.. but more to that, after the blog-con, I now see her as a great person. I was surprised on how bubbly and perky Erich was. She literally made my day lighter that night. She cracks a lot of jokes that seemed like she's talking to a long time friend. She is lighthearted and positive. She appreciates the power of social media, she appreciates the bloggers.. she is even inviting the us to join for a cameo on her next project! Hahaha! She is a true jewel. Funny when she was asked by some bloggers to sing, she did sing a part of the theme song! She was jokingly asked to do a rap for us, but she said "beatbox nalang" and she asked sir Enrico to do the rap part. I was amazed way above and beyond what words can express when she beatboxed! I was wowed because she is not just good, but she is great on it! That moment was a turning point. I have said to myself that Erich is not your ordinary actress. I liked her now more than ever.
There are only a few who are appreciative. And she is definitely one of them! ERICH GONZALES IS SUCH A SWEETHEART! She is not on twitter and on facebook now, but she's on INSTAGRAM! (Go follow her: @erichgg) So I followed her and posted photos taken from her blog conference for Suddenly It's Magic and I was surprised that she took the time to LIKE and COMMENT on all of my posts that she was tagged. And even her supporters are not getting tired of RTs, likes, favorites on twitter and Instagram! Wow.  Here is a screen cap of a conversation on Instagram with Erich and a fellow blogger @kebobsby15:

As I have said on twitter: "Erich Gonzales.. iba ka!" 
So come and join me to support Erich and Mario in their upcoming movie Suddenly It's Magic which will be shown in theaters near you, this October 31, 2012!

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  1. I really appreciate everything you've said about Erich! She is my favorite Filipina actress! Thanks for promoting their film (with Mario Maurer) through your blog! :))

    1. I appreciated erich,sobra! She's one of my faves na din! natouch ako sakanya :D and thank you for taking your time in reading my blog! Salamat for leaving a positive comment! :)

  2. talagang napakabait ne Erich..thnx nga pala sa pagpost nito masaya ako sa mga sinusulat mo to our DEar Erich G..we love her sooo much.excited much to Suddenly Its MAgic movie..nilang dalawa ne MArio:)

    1. Salamat sa mga supporters ni Erich for liking my blog! Totoo yun, napaka-bait ni Erich at mahal nya din kayong mga supporters nya.. God bless po! :D

  3. Thank you!! i love Erich so much!

    1. thanks for dropping by and reading my blog.. I love erich too! :D

  4. Thank you for this beautiful post about Suddenly It's Magic and especially about Erich.She really is beautiful inside & out.

    1. It is evident that I agree on that. Erich is a jewel!
      Anyways, thank to you too in reading and taking time to leave a comment on this blog post! Godbless!

  5. Thank you for the kind words for Erich. Its just sad to know that some people think of her as a slut (because of Derek issue), maldita and all. :(

    1. Hi! Beyond kind words, I stated the facts.. :D Erich is unbreakable.. they may try to bring her down, they may talk a lot of talk, but she already got me no matter what. She is already a dearest favorite. Thanks too!

  6. MS MIGHTY MAU, thank you very, very much in behalf of the ERICH GONZALES INT'L & ERICHERS ... You did a great job... love it... We really appreciate the kind hearted words and how you really love and support our Princess Erich... Thanks also for all the promotions for Erich Gonzales' movie with Mario Maurer in SUDDENLY IT'S MAGIC... LONG LIVE MS MIGHTY MAU!!!

    1. Thanks to all of you guys too. I can feel your love and support for the Princess :)
      Rest assured, I will support Erich all the way, coming up next na is Mariposa :)
      SALAMAT DIN PO SA INYONG LAHAT ERICH GONZALES INT'L & ERICHERS :) Godbless and see you guys soon!!!

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