Now the biggest local hit movie of 2012, THE MISTRESS!

An Olivia Lamasan film starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, what do you expect? Of course! A true box-office success! The Mistress is truly anticipated and supported nationwide! It opened for around 200 cinemas last September 12 and I'm claiming that it was jam-packed! Now on it's third week, The Mistress still continues to sweep it! Congratulations to Star Cinema and to everyone behind it!

Have you seen it? If not, you are totally missing out the latest talk of the town! Beautifully crafted, superb portrayals and a quality movie. Give the movie a chance to speak for itself. I will never fail you.

As of September 23, The Mistress already earned 186,729,040 PHP! Making it the HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE of 2012 (so far).
1. The Mistress - P186.73 M

2. Unofficially Yours - P157.25 M
3. Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme - P133.34 M
4. The Healing - P104.6 M
5. The Reunion - P68.1 M
6. Moron 5 and the Crying Lady - P64.6 M
7. Born To Love You - P52.37 M
8. Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang - P51.4 M
9. Every Breath U Take - P50.2 M
10. The Mommy Returns - P30.6 M
11. Amorosa: The Revenge - P25.2 M
12. Boy Pick-Up: The Movie - P24.99 M
13. A Mother's Story - P24.81 M
14. My Cactus Heart - P23 M
15. My Kontrabida Girl - P13.09 M
16. I Do Bidoo Bidoo - P12.85 M
17. The Witness - P8.6 M
18. Just One Summer - P6.16 M
19. Hitman - P5.75 M
20. Pridyider - P3.6 M
21. Bwakaw - P1.55 M
22. Ang Nawawala - P1.24 M
23. Captive - P1.11 M
24. Mga Mumunting Lihim - P0.77 M

And as per most recent update today (09-28-12):
Up to 220MILLION+ for The Mistress! It is now the 4th highest grossing local film of all times!
Catch it in theaters near you while it is on. I swear this is a movie that was meant for the big screen, so don't wait to watch it on TV or DVDs.. go to the cinemas! And, HELP TO KILL PIRACY! :)

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