John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as JD and Sari in THE MISTRESS!

Great love comes with hope. – The Mistress
A film directed by no other than Olivia M. Lamasan 
from Star Cinema that's coming soon in theaters near you this September 12, 2012.

In celebration of 10 successful years of being on-screen partners, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, is now up with a more aggressive and brave big movie project for all their loyal supporters.  Opening them both to more mature roles, The Mistress tackles sensitive family issues about love and fidelity. Olivia Lamasan said that looking back 10 years ago, she was actually one of the people who formed the John Lloyd-Bea tandem which made her so excited about doing this film. Way back then, the two was already oozing with chemistry. No doubt, that pairing them up was a great decision because they are one of the best love teams around. Even their team up is mainly on-screen and not to the extent of being a real life couple; JLC and Bea's working relationship as two of the main brilliant actors of our generation is enough to get a strong grip of thousands and thousands of supporters across the country. Both of them admits that their partnership helped in molding their showbiz career as years go by. This movie project only makes a statement: The John Lloyd - Bea tandem is here to stay, more stronger than ever. A big hooray to their long time fanatics! :)

The Mistress is already intriguing just with the title itself, right? But one thing that was promised by Olivia M. Lamasan is that it is still way too different than other "kabit" films that was already showcased in our local film industry. This movie is revolving in a 4 sided love story of The Wife played by Ms. Hilda Coronel, The Benefactor as portrayed by Ronaldo Valdez, The Lover as John Lloyd and Bea as The Mistress.
Direk Olive said that the cast is totally amazing, that she can not think of anyone else yet who can pull off the roles given to them. She even said that having John Lloyd to play the character of JD was a blessing. And of course if there is one thing that will make me watch the movie, it is Ms. Hilda Coronel. This was her first project again after 6years of declining offers. It is intriguing enough on why this movie made her say a big "YES" after all.
Bea and John Lloyd said that they had their own share of struggles in doing the movie. John Lloyd admitted that the first shooting days was truly a burden up to the point that he goes home truly stressed. He said that JD's character is way too far than who he is in real life. Bea on the other hand, had her own worries in portraying her role as the mistress of the great Ronaldo Valdez, as he played a father role to Bea in the hit Pinoy TV remake of Betty La Fea around 4 years ago. She said that it is hard to get over of Ronaldo being her father figure. But eventually, she took it professionally, and was able to work things out. Everything on John Lloyd and Bea's team up had worked out. They even said that they are more closer friends now than ever, and more open to each other, which helped to flavor up this movie.
The makers doesn't want people to have the impression that it is just "aggressive and brave" but more so, they wanted people to relate to all the characters, even though all the four of them are flawed. They hope that at the end of the movie, the audience will understand how people gets hurt, do mistakes and make choices in life. One big thing to look forward to was not just the story but how brilliant the actors did portray their respective roles. Here is the movie's full trailer:
Surely a buzz to everyone, a talk of the town and a sure fire box office hit even without if's and but's. The Mistress is a movie offering that is aiming to leave a mark in your hearts. Let's celebrate with John Lloyd and Bea for 10 more years of being a phenomenal love team. As direk Olive said, they are the Boyet and Vilma of our generation. Big shoes to fill indeed, but they are doing it effortlessly. When asked on what was keeping their team up unbreakable, Lloydie said that it was honesty and sincerity that made it pass 10 years and still counting. Bea said that they are truly thankful for all the people who continuously supported them throughout the years.

So let us all rediscover John Lloyd and Bea as JD and Sari in this love and family centered drama, showing this September 12. Give the movie a chance to speak for itself! :)

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